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Heads and tales: Isn’t it angelic?


Holy license plates!: A state representive wants to add “God Bless America” to the 100 or so license plates. Maybe the back side could have the song’s lyrics, or maybe it could just play the tune with one of those greeting card chips. We’ve submitted our design, with the Alanis God from “Dogma.” She could be one of those stars that falls on Alabama — get it? get it? And the ‘O’ in “on” is now a halo, and it could be AlaNIS instead of AlaBAMA. And I forgot the “God Bless Alabama.” Dang, so close.
• Bill would put ‘God Bless America’ on Alabama car tags [Associated Press]

Hardly working: Unemployment was up slightly in October, but ahead of October 2004. Maybe Santa’s hiring, so cross your fingers for a strong holiday shopping season.
• Alabama’s unemployment rate rises [Associated Press]

The Hills are alive with sound of munching: Looks like Vestavia Hills is trying again to rev up its retail centerpiece with more upscale restaurants in the post-Arman era. Anthony Marini took over the Calypso Joe’s location and blamed the failure of his previous restaurant, AMBA, on its location on Southside. Hmm. Marini picks bad location in a Southside shopping strip and fails to draw crowd, then picks equally bad location in poorly designed shopping center (it’s a maze of stairwells and dark hallways). Doesn’t matter how great your dishes are if no one can find you … And he’s given it the oh-so-clever name: (local) restaurant. That’s not a typo, which is probably how they’ll answer the phone (unless the number is in Sanskrit).
• New tenants usher return of fine dining [Birmingham News]


  • Faith-based coaching leads Daphne to state 6A championship game
  • Santa pre-approves Alabama, other red states, for guns, Bibles
  • Turkey leftovers picked at by Uncle “I’m so stuffed” Bill

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  1. Ginny
    Monday, November 28, 2005, 2:09 pm

    My two favorite quotes from the article:

    “That will let all the people in America know that we are a Bible Belt state.”

    Someone forgot?

    “Anybody who recognizes God will be respectful of everyone.”

    Everyone except for non-Christans, people who don’t believe God is U.S.-centric, people who don’t care to use their cars as conduits of religious messages, people who would prefer not to remind “all the people in America” that Alabama is a Bible Belt state… have I forgotten anyone?

  2. Wade
    Monday, November 28, 2005, 11:22 pm

    Why do you hate our Lord?

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