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Heads and tales: A change of seasons


patricia todd

Rainbow coalition: Barring a recount surprise, Patricia Todd has won House District 54 in the Democratic runoff over Gaynell Hendricks. Todd, pictured at left, is believed to be the first openly gay state legislator, the same state that overwhelmingly approved a second ban on gay marriage six weeks ago. More surprising was that Todd and Hendricks ran a civil campaign in a majority black district with all kinds of demographics to win over. We met both candidates along the way and were torn between two energetic, hard-working, smart women. If only every race could have two or more qualified candidates to woo voters … Also, those few that voted across the state Tuesday were courted at a cost of, oh, say $20 million.
• Todd holds slim lead in bid to become 1st openly gay legislator [Associated Press]

Give, and ye shall receive: Birmingham-Southern College turned over $368,000 raised to benefit the 10 rural Alabama churches burned earlier this year. Among the big contributors and co-campaign leaders were AmSouth Bank, Fox 6, the Community Foundation of West Alabama and the National Conference for Community and Justice. The rebuilding doesn’t end with the oversize novelty check: The college will invite church reps to a dinner in the fall. Lane Estes, executive assistant to Birmingham-Southern College President David Pollick, said, “I see ongoing relationships coming out of this. It has provided opportunities for us to reach out and for them to use us as a resource.” Like a good neighbor, ’Southern is there. Also, (mega)Church at Brook Hills has a just-turned-28-year-old senior pastor: And a little child shall lead them.
• Burned churches will split $368,000 [Birmingham News]

A little more mileage: With as many cars as Americans tear up, smash up and drive into the ground every year, you’d think we’d be neck deep in radiators and lug nuts by now. But hope remains for clunkers and other large junk. American Cast Iron Pipe Co. has upgraded its recycling center for $4.5 million to turn all that metal into municipal water pipes. Since 1991, the plant has recycled 7 million cars — enough for two cars for every adult in Alabama. Wow. The upgrades will improve capacity by 15 percent. The center also pays cash for cans, copper, appliances and other scrap metal. Now that we know what happened to regular cars, let’s find out who killed the electric car.
• Junked cars, odds, ends find new life as pipes [Birmingham News]


  • Water restrictions imperil gurgling fountain of calm
  • Bill collector sneaks up on Southside residents, swipes their barrels with straps used for clothing
  • New Talladega track pavement made from blood of the innocents, synthetic tar

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  1. dresramblings
    Wednesday, July 19, 2006, 10:39 pm

    Todd and Hendricks did act civil, but it still seemed like some of their supporters got into the habit of mudslinging. Thankfully, both of these women seemed to rise to the occasion and were able to be above it all. As far as the 28-year old senior pastor, sometimes age is deceiving.

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