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Wednesday Night Lights: Homecomings and goings


It’s all about football in Hoover, from the high school varsity squad to the cheerleaders to the pee-wees. Not even Homecoming Week distractions can keep the Bucs from doing their jobs.

Um, what are their jobs again? It’s something about beating the piss outta something, or dressing up in costumes.

Anyway, “Two-a-Days.”


From left, Alex, Kristin, Ross and Blair step up (ha!) for Homecoming.

Highlights from episode 5 of the MTV reality series …

Playing like a bunch of girls: Tradition No. 1 is a “powder puff” game between senior and junior cheerleaders. (The version in our heads had a lot more tickling and silky pajamas.) Random dude Taylor coaches the senior squad (and by “coach,” we mean “tries to score with.”)

The real senior players, by the way, act as cheerleaders. What a drag.

Sadly, the senior cheerleading football squad is ranked only No. 4 in the nation, bringing shame to the school and earning a 40-minute tirade from Coach Propst, plus laps.

See you in season 8: Coach greets the visiting pee-wee players (tradition No. 2) by promising/threatening to have them on the team in a few years. He seemed awfully soft on them: no laps, no cussing, no nothing. They’ll never be world champions without brutal, brutal discipline.

Random rivalries: Goose is bitter about Alex resuming his relationship with Kristin. Goose doesn’t like Repete, who’s actually the funniest guy on the team not sporting a huge beer gut. Blair doesn’t like the chick who won Homecoming Queen (even though she says she likes her). Coach Pruitt still doesn’t like Max’s hustle. And on and on.

Sock hop: After some weird drama about socks and lack of focus, the team crushes the Pelham Panthers. Ross returns after his concussion and plays like a champ. The final … 35-7.

Tradition No. 3: The victorious players clean up, dress up and pick up the girls for the big dance at the Hoover Met. The theme? Oddly enough, Laguna Beach. Kristin and Alex, back on.

“Two-a-Days” airs at 9:30 p.m. Wednesdays on MTV, repeating throughout the week and available for free online.

Next episode: Time to wreak revenge on Tuscaloosa County.


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Dude, more “Two-a-Days.”

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