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Simply Amazing: Mongol fever


Ten teams, including moms/friends Karlyn Harris and Lyn Turk of Birmingham, dashed across Asia in Sunday’s episode of “The Amazing Race.”

The pairs drove ox carts, took down tents and shot flaming arrows during the CBS reality competition, but temperamental jeeps turned out to be the biggest challenge of all. Would Team Birmingham lose because its car wouldn’t crank?

amazing race

Karlyn sees if she can lead a hynik to water,
as Lyn rides with the jugs during a Detour in Mongolia.

Highlights from the second leg of the series …

Route: Beijing to Ulan Bator, Mongolia.

Rails rode: The first and last teams started out about an hour and a half apart. After teams took two buses to the train station, all of them ended up on the same train to Mongolia, an even start for all.

Cherub case: The teams had to pick among rickety Russian military jeeps to drive to a national park. Lyn and Karlyn, again in the back of the pack, snag a random white guy to ride as navigator for part of the way. “That was clearly one of our angels,” Karlyn said. Aw, random act of pay it forward.

Just jack: Models/ex-addicts Tyler and James get sidetracked with a flat tire. And Karlyn and Lyn drive on by with a “peace out.” So much for karma (car-ma?).

“Screw them. I don’t feel sorry for their tire being flat,” Lyn said. “It’s not, like, we’re just being mean, we just wanna win.”

Even hotheaded daters Rob and Kimberly stopped to lend a jack, if not a hand. Eventually, the pretty boys change the flat tire with the help of a passing motorist (who actually understands how to use a jack, rather than pose with it). The models drop to ninth.

When David and Mary, the Kentucky hicks, get their jeep stuck in the mud, several teams roll by, including Lyn and Karlyn.

Clip clopped: As teams ride horses to their next clue, beauty queens Dustin and Kandace provide us with the comedic edit of the ep. They tell the camera that this is their chance to show an all-girl team can win, then one falls off and is dragged a few yards by her horse. Poise counts!

Getting juggy with it: Team Birmingham tries taking down a gir, a nomadic shelter, but ends up switching Detour tasks. Instead, they guide a hynik (like an ox) with a cart down to a river, fill jugs with water to pour into a barrel. Karlyn snaps at Lyn, and the dysfunction continues.

amazing race

Tom’s arrow is fuh-lame-ing as he takes on a Roadblock.

Stall tactics: Battery trouble keeps Team Birmingham and cheerleaders Kellie and Jamie stuck in the parking lot in last place. Both teams race in opposite directions to the Roadblock (shoot a flaming arrow at a bowl on the ground) just before the Pit Stop. At this point, it’s 50-50 on elimination.

Pit check: Karlyn and Lyn finish ninth out of nine teams remaining. Three-legged racers Peter and Sarah are first. Two-four-six-eight, who do we eliminate? Cheerleaders Kellie and Jamie are the third team out. Yeah, it’s been broughten.

“The Amazing Race” airs at 7 p.m. Sundays on CBS 42.

Next episode: Father-daughter team Duke and Lauren go for broke. Or is it, go broke? And couple Tom and Terry catfight with the beauty queens. Me-ow.

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