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Simply Amazing: Morocco, mo’ problems


The Two Pack (formerly the Six Pack, formerly the Back Pack) is on its own against the junkie models, the beauty queens and crybabies. The Birmingham team, single moms Karlyn Harris and Lyn Turk, have barely made it this far in “The Amazing Race,” finishing in the bottom half every leg.

As the four teams headed back to Africa, they raced horses and worked like mules. One of the two all-female teams will make “Race” history, but which one had enough girl power to survive the leg? Caution: (worthless) Yield ahead.

amazing race

Karlyn, left, and Lyn get all mushy when it comes to Moroccan olives.

Highlights from the 11th leg of the series …

Route: Kiev, Ukraine, to Ouarzazate, Morocco.

Missed congeniality: Despite differing times and connections, all four teams end up in Morocco at the same time. And while Lyn and Karlyn have had their share of run-ins with the beauty queens Dustin and Kandice, the other teams are equally dismissive of the blonde bombers. Rob, in an unusually calm and analytical confession, says the blondes took unnecessary risks which could be “their fatal mistake.” James says, “The blondes have too much power over us.”

While waiting for a flight, Team Birmingham studies a map of Ouarzazate. The Barbies pay a cabbie to follow his cab to the first stop, with the models James and Tyler and couple Rob and Kimberly following in their own cars. The plan comes to a screeching halt when the cab driver stops for directions. Meanwhile, Lyn and Karlyn sail to the antiques shop in first place to pick up a lucky necklace and the next clue.

amazing race

James, left, and Tyler, right, can’t escape their pretty, pretty nemeses, the beauty queens.

The pause that reshuffles: Team Birmingham looks forward to arriving first at the Yield, allowing them to force any team behind them to stop for a period of time. But their lead is short-lived: The next destination, a movie studio, doesn’t open until morning. When the gates open, the four teams run to the Yield, and despite all of the earlier venom against the blondies, the models and Rob and Kimberly forfeit the Yield.

But Dustin and Kandice use the Yield on Karlyn and Lyn. Their slowness in footraces is costing them dearly.

Karlyn grouses, “It’s typical of something (the blondies) would do. They have shown no character at all in this game.” And yet, Karlyn and Lyn were eagerly anticipating doing the same to the beauty queens earlier. Tsk tsk.

Chariot begins at home: The Roadblock forces one team member to race in a horse-drawn chariot and collect two banners in two or more laps. Rob and Dustin complete the task quickly, but James ends up a lap behind.

The queens ask Rob and Kimberly to work together to find the next clue. Rob agrees, even while confessing he doesn’t trust them. Sure enough, the girls spot a flat tire on Rob and Kimberly’s car, but don’t tell them and drive off as their “partners” pull over to use the spare tire. Lemons 3, Rob and Kimberly 0.

Once the Yield ends, Karlyn speeds through the Roadblock and, with Lyn, past Rob and Kim.

amazing race

Karlyn gets directions the old fashioned way; Lyn and Karlyn head to the Roadblock.

Olive olive oxen free: The Detour offers a choice between throwing two clay pots or grinding and bagging 77 pounds of olives. All four teams choose grinding, a crucial coincidence since only three teams can work at a time, first come first served.

The models arrive first, with Team Birmingham right on their heels. Both teams get to work, while the queens have driven far past the ranch. Rob and Kimberly show up next. Dustin and Kandice, arriving last, have been unintentionally yielded, as they decide to wait out the teams.

Tyler and James head for the Pit Stop, with Lyn and Karlyn close behind. The models park and run to the mat, only to find they left their lucky necklace in the car. Team Birmingham parks and runs to the Pit Stop, necklace in hand. Surely they won’t lose this footrace with a headstart?

Pit check: Karlyn and Lyn finish second out of four teams remaining, their best finish to date. The models finish first for the second time in a row (they’re also the only team to win three legs).

The blondies finish last, but … it’s a non-elimination. As in the previous pre-determined non-elimination spectaculars, Dustin and Kandice must finish the next leg in first place or receive an automatic 30-minute penalty.

“The Amazing Race” airs at 7 p.m. Sundays on CBS 42.

Next episode: Lyn nearly chokes on an eating challenge. Rob and Kimberly implode while being pelted with tomatoes. And one girl-girl team will make “Race” history by making Final Three.

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