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Two weeks till ‘Two-a-Days’


If your self-esteem is dangerously high, perhaps you need a good cussin’. Have we got the guy for you …

His name is Rush Propst, and in case you lived under a rock (or in Gardendale) this past season, he’s the loud, large, LOUD football coach at Hoover High. And he’s back for a second season of “Two-a-Days,” the MTV reality series tackling (football metaphor) the behind-the-scenes drama of a championship team.

Listen closely. He’s yelling at you right now.


Season 2 sneak preview

The featured Buccaneers are likely to be:

  • RossRoss the quarterback, who took led the 2005 team to a fifth championship while getting the stuffing knocked out of him [MySpace]

  • BrittanyBrittany the cheerleader and Mark’s girlfriend [MySpace]

  • DejohnDeJohn

  • KristenKristen (not to be confused with season 1’s Kristin with an ‘I’ and an Alex) [MySpace]

  • PropstAnd this guy, who by the way earned a 105-10 record in eight seasons. Damn.

In case you missed season 1, the nine-episode set has been made available in the popular DVD format and for download. It’s also available as free streaming video on MTV’s site.

The reviews:

  • Entertainment Weekly: “You notice when you watch a bunch of episodes in a row without commercials is how overedited the show is. There’s still a good amount of pleasure to be taken from ‘Two-a-Days.’ ”
  • Washington Post: “A program with the broad appeal that had one co-worker, a female college student, saying, ‘I love that show,’ the day after another colleague said, ‘My husband is addicted to that program.’ ”
  • Wade on Birmingham: “While ‘Two-a-Days’ is above average for MTV’s look-at-me fare, it’s still the same old playbook of comfortable suburbanites dressed in Hoover orange and black.”

To review, “Two-a-Days” took place mainly on Fridays and aired on Wednesdays in its debut season. This month, it begins season 2 on Tuesdays. Meanwhile, “Friday Night Lights,” which is a realistic, scripted NBC show about high school football in the South, airs on Wednesdays, though the show started its season on Tuesdays and did air once on a Monday.

Now, go deep.

The show kicks off (metaphor!) at 9 p.m. Jan. 30, running Tuesdays (or Twos-days, if you prefer).

• • •

Dude, more “Two-a-Days.”

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