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Movie review: ‘That Evening Sun’

By Jennifer West

Review at a glance: The slow-paced but remarkable “That Evening Sun” portrays a love story in the guise of an old farmer’s battle for his house.

That Evening Sun

Hal Holbrook stars in “That Evening Sun.”

Old Abner Meecham fights an all too familiar battle at the end of his days, one for dignity.

Wade on Birmingham - Sidewalk Moving Picture FestivalA tragedy dealing with loss, aging and anger, “That Evening Sun” is a love story between a man and his house. It’s also a love story between a man and his wife, and a man and his life.

The movie screens Saturday at the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival.

Lonzo Choat (Ray McKinnon), a violent unemployed drunk, lives in the beloved old home of Abner (Hal Holbrook), a farmer in Tennessee. Lonzo, who shares the house with a wife and a daughter, collects disability pay, even though his injury has healed.

Meanwhile, Abner has set up in a shack on his property, refusing to leave until they move out.

This slow-paced film by writer-director Scott Teems features long beautiful shots and an eclectic old-school soundtrack. The remarkable “That Evening Sun” is worth the wait.

Jennifer WestJennifer West (@juniperlou) won the Sidewalk Audience Choice award for her romantic comedy “Piece of Cake” in 2006, which she wrote and directed. She’s working on a feature-length screenplay and blogging about it on JuniperLou.

“That Evening Sun” will screen at 4 p.m. Saturday at the Alabama Theatre.

Video: Trailer for “That Evening Sun”


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