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Airing tonight: “The Spill” from PBS’ “Frontline”


Video: Preview of “The Spill,” “Frontline”

Some of you may recall way back in the spring of this year, a teensy weensy little petroleum spill somewhere out to sea.

It started with an oil drilling platform explosion in the Gulf of Mexico killing 11 workers and blossoming into the worst U.S. environmental disaster ever. Portions of the Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida coastlines suffered natural and economic damage.

Relive those heady days of early 2010 tonight when “Frontline” presents “The Spill,” a look inside the seemingly reckless practices of BP, the platform’s owner.

BP chief executive officer Robert Dudley said Monday, “I do not believe that BP is an unsafe company. There will be some documentaries run, I think tomorrow night in the U.S., that paints that picture of the company.”

The report airs at 9 tonight on Alabama Public Television, repeating at 1 a.m. Sunday. It will also be available for viewing online.

Caution: Watching this news documentary may cause vomiting, but don’t worry, BP will clean that up, too.

Video: “The Spill” investigates BP’s history of lax inspections
and equipment upgrades and maintenance.

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