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Paul McDonald: ‘The “Idol” stage was out of my element’


Video: “American Idol” sends Paul McDonald home.

Singer-songwriter Paul McDonald went further on “American Idol” than he expected. The Alabama native was booted Thursday from the reality competition in eighth place, making him the first male contestant of the Top 13 to go.

American IdolViewers vote to keep their favorite singers on the show each week. For this week’s theme, movie songs, McDonald performed “Old Time Rock and Roll” by Bob Seger.

McDonald, who was born in Auburn and grew up in Huntsville, will tour with the other finalists this summer while giving his voice and body some rest in the meantime.

In telephone interviews with media Friday, McDonald shared his thoughts on the show and how he fared.

He told TV Guide:

“I tried to do these covers as good as I could, but it never really felt right. I was always kind of uncomfortable on the ‘Idol’ stage just because it was out of my element. I really felt like I had gone as far as I could. Because I’m not the best singer. I’m a songwriter and an artist, and all these other people have amazing voices. So I could only go so far. And I knew it.”

McDonald’s band, the Grand Magnolias, had serious objections to his participation on “Idol”:

“We literally spent all of our money on the new album, and we got some big producers to work with us on it, and it was what we had been working towards for the past 5 years. The band was like, ‘Dude, hopefully you don’t make it any farther.’ But the farther along I got, the more they started getting nervous about their jobs and stuff. But in the end, it worked out good because the album was on iTunes and Billboard and stuff. So they got to pay their rent.”

Paul McDonald, American Idol

Paul McDonald says farewell at the end of Thursday’s
results show on “American Idol.”

McDonald told the Huntsville Times:

“When I got up here, I listened to some people when I probably should have stuck with my guns. I just wish I had done some more of these obscure artists, more of the vibe of music I was into.”

Video: Preview of “New Orleans,” by Paul McDonald
and the Grand Magnolias.

McDonald’s band, the Grand Magnolias,” has released a single, “New Orleans,” for a fund-raiser. All proceeds from the sale go to the Japanese Red Cross.

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