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Wade’s 101: Haiku retrospective 23


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  1. attacks from within
    Bullets and blades can
    hurt, but a tiny microbe
    can fell a giant.
  2. style points
    Points to be given
    for appearance, poise, dance moves
    and elocution.
  3. occupy sanity
    Worse than protestors
    are citizens trying to
    suppress their neighbors.
  4. not a thousand words
    The picture on the
    mantel reminds me of what’s
    truly important.
  5. gobbler performance review
    Memo to turkeys:
    Please report to barnyard for
    final, final test.
  6. orchard of pickers
    Daintily they snatched
    the apples, where pros would have
    gone for sheer volume.
  7. reverse groundhog day
    The hermit comes out,
    not to check his shadow, but
    to forage for beers.
  8. bowing to pressure
    Practice time sped by
    as the novice sawed through notes
    on the violin.
  9. doom buggy
    Starts with empty cubes
    and progresses into full-
    blown sick day of aches.
  10. beyond blessings
    Be thankful for those
    who are thankless. Help them find
    ways to be thankful.
  11. shoppers’ delight
    The lure of savings
    proves too great, even for those
    who should be asleep.
  12. the question that is never quite settled
    Half the state pulls one
    way, half the state … the other.
    Tug of endless war.
  13. the wood pile
    Cords of wood await
    their turn to burn brightly in
    a warm fireplace.
  14. a light dusting
    Frantic were the moms
    who sought the last loaf of bread,
    the last thing of milk.
  15. forecast of madness
    warm fall turns to snowy winter.
    Where are my mittens?
  16. answer hazy
    The crystal ball took
    a deep breath before getting
    to the misfortune.
  17. jangle all the way
    Radio station
    that plays Christmas music in
    October? Humbug!
  18. mario 2011
    Plumber turned fighter
    laid off; job now handled by
    remote-controlled drone.
  19. dear santa 2011
    Just help those who need
    it most, and bring joy and love
    to children worldwide.
  20. honest labor
    People who do real
    work don’t have time to debate
    whether it’s real work.
  21. keys to success
    Concern for others
    over self. Leave things better
    than how you found them.
  22. tapping pencils
    Restless students eye
    the clock and calendar in
    wait for Christmas break.
  23. the pizza dilemma
    The more diners, the
    more time it takes to select
    three damn toppings.
  24. the backyard invader
    Without regard for
    boundaries, the silent scout
    leaps atop the car.
  25. what hope love
    Is the hope for love
    a quest, or is it hope that
    love brings on its own?
  26. santa drawl
    The redneck Santa
    spat before the next youngun
    hopped on for a spell.
  27. winterizing
    Extra layers can
    make the difference, whether
    from wool or from fat.
  28. then one foggy christmas eve in alabama
    Rudolph, with your nose
    so bright, won’t you hand over
    your papers or else?
  29. first world blues
    The first worlders had
    entangled themselves in a
    slew of petty woes.
  30. over the fence
    The weekly exchange
    of hellos maintains the truce
    between old neighbors.
  31. the book that never was
    Fifty thousand words
    deliver a tawdry tale
    on a blank tablet.
  32. if mistletoe could talk
    If mistletoe could
    talk, it would complain about
    bad breath all around.
  33. i had this moment of clarity
    I had this moment
    of clarity, but it left
    with sobriety.
  34. a random assortment of dueling pairs
    Every day brings a
    bowl game with one so-so squad
    against another.
  35. sleigh pre-flight check
    First thing to go if
    Santa’s sleigh is too heavy?
    All those batteries.
  36. lyrical stroll
    The songmaker found
    the words to say “I love you”
    walking to the curb.
  37. rolling clouds on the horizon
    Waves of cumulus
    surge in the distance as I
    scan for turbulence.
  38. family circus
    Little boy wanders
    neighborhood when he should be
    fetching Mommy’s beer.
  39. peanuts
    Gang of juvenile
    philosophers hangs out with
    fanciful beagle.
  40. garfield
    cat spends lifetime chasing off
    bachelor owner’s gals.
  41. joy
    A heart beats with new
    fervor, open to the world
    in all its glory.
  42. calvin and hobbes
    Rambunctious lad and
    wise tiger explore cosmos
    from their own backyard.
  43. doonesbury
    Generations of
    well-spoken, wry families
    in the throes of life.
  44. the boondocks
    Huey and Riley
    find suburbia too white.
    (Prefer the cartoon.)
  45. the far side
    Blah blah blah Ginger
    blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
    blah Ginger blah blah.
  46. those who never stray far
    Those who never stray
    far from home know the best spots
    of a tiny pond.
  47. the brick pile
    The load feels lighter
    after unloading burdens
    from the duffel bag.
  48. the year of magical doing
    Come along with me,
    not to bear witness, but to
    share in the journey.
  49. in the guise of a huckster
    The cheery come-on
    masks a nefarious goal,
    to sell crap to you.
  50. a frosty departure
    The famed snowman left
    in a cloud of flakes for a
    less chilly hideout.
  51. an investment of brain power
    The crossword puzzle
    didn’t seem as alluring
    as the TV set.
  52. evolution of eating
    Some went hungry. Then
    most were fed badly. Must weigh
    freshness with access.
  53. the new new south
    Traditions define
    and strangle a defiant
    chunk of this country.
  54. the see-through forest
    Up the trail, he could
    see the ridge through the trees stripped
    of any pretense.
  55. patterns of tan
    The coffee cup held
    both beauty and warm/topped with
    an intricate stamp.
  56. cheering with an accent
    The cries rang out clear
    all over the state. Roll Tide!
    Or is it Reauxll Tide?
  57. roll to victory
    Bama’s pluck and grit
    have writ her name in crimson
    . Fight on, fight on!
  58. ignorance is
    When we have no more
    questions to answer, will we
    remain curious?
  59. loltrends
    One meme said to the
    other meme, “Start copying
    me!” Each was unique.
  60. pay no attention to the man behind the digital curtain
    Dorothy and her
    friends were surprised to find a
    jive robot instead.
  61. the unfolding of the universe
    The physics students
    discovered laws of motion
    while remaining still.
  62. the infectiousness of youth
    Dreams fly as fast as
    shooting stars, hurled by young minds
    unhindered by doubt.
  63. to be memorialized
    Not all leaders were
    saints, but revered for rising
    above human sins.
  64. the covert conversation
    Will no one bring up
    the elephant in the room
    that’s about to move?
  65. undomesticated animals
    pets get fat, while feral ones
    are doomed to sad lives.
  66. modern inconveniences
    Long lines, bad signal,
    manmade ingredients, high
    gas prices, boredom.
  67. julie
    A childhood friend grows
    into a fighter, only
    to lose to cancer.
  68. make way for dragons
    From a distant shore,
    the winged beast swoops in to eat
    any stray townsfolk.
  69. an endless supply of hot water
    Teacups rattle at
    the prospect of liquid and
    leaves stirring within.
  70. virtual villages
    Door to door in the
    cyber communities means
    you can’t scrounge sugar.
  71. loose lips
    The office gossip
    thrives on chaos and lives for
    schadenfreude and snark.
  72. the persistent caller
    He would ring up the
    clerk throughout the week, only
    to find the line dead.
  73. the warrior class
    The soldiers trudge through
    their ordered routine of long
    days, boredom and shock.
  74. the accidental lab of the fifth dimension
    Somehow, the students
    found laws of the universe
    heretofore unknown.
  75. pastry crash
    The sculpted tower
    of sugar shatters into
    bitter, sweet pieces.
  76. the lambs have stopped screaming
    The flock of fluffy
    sheep crowded toward the streams of
    grass on the bare plain.
  77. the state of dreams
    Some dream of escape,
    others of the pa/and some
    see nothing asleep.
  78. if she could talk to the animals
    The caregiver wraps
    booboos on scraped paws and sings
    of quiet jungles.
  79. failure by proxy
    Not so much bang and
    whimper, but fading passion
    and indifference.
  80. behind the storm
    They crawled out, grateful
    to be alive and thinking
    about death’s house call.
  81. the loneliest group in the world
    The broken parties
    pulled up their chairs to confide
    tales of hiding out.
  82. tech city
    Beings from the near
    future swarmed the terminals
    to download updates.
  83. the real contest
    The battle is not
    on the turf but on the air,
    dueling commercials.
  84. a sudden bout of homesickness
    Strange smells and noisy
    motors, loud neighbors and cramped
    closet. Time to flee.
  85. woman of the hour
    She let the party
    and the presents slip by for
    time with friends and fam.
  86. the last pile of leaves
    Bits of autumn strewn
    about the lawn, stragglers in
    a too warm winter.
  87. the long lunch
    The rush passed as the
    diners evaporated,
    leaving us to chat.
  88. the meaning of gifts
    This one came from the
    drugstore, the others from the
    bargain bin at Zayre.
  89. consumption
    A sickness worldwide
    that causes blockage of the
    soul with gross clutter.
  90. cupid 2012
    He’s busy adding
    to his Pinterest boa/lost
    his bow in poker.
  91. fallen diva
    Beautiful voice cracks
    with the passage of time. No
    one can hear her dirge.
  92. love is in the despair
    Longing makes love both
    sweeter and bittersweet, a
    tender trap with heart.
  93. halloween for singles
    Bags of unsold sweets
    fill shopping carts for true love
    in lonely bellies.
  94. learning a lesson in learning
    Repetition builds
    understanding. Thus, repeat
    it so they get it.
  95. the notes still ring
    The sheet music fades
    from sight as the lights go out.
    The chorus sings on.
  96. domesticity 2012
    Her perfect life came
    not from a fairy tale but
    a Pinterest board.
  97. filters
    Firewall, Caller
    ID, peephole, V-chip, bleeped
    words, pop-up blockers.
  98. the gauntlet of fame
    Star exits limo
    to meet fans, stroll the carpet
    and talk on TV.
  99. delivering lol
    One silly picture
    carries joy to strangers who
    like to watch online.
  100. get inspired
    The muse crashed the dawn
    reverie while hung over
    from her carousing.
  101. the scars run together
    After a while, the
    scars run together like a
    tough skin tapestry.

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