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Vote 2013: Birmingham municipal election runoff results


Vote 2013Runoff elections took place across five districts in Birmingham today.

(Updating throughout the evening.)

Turnout was 8.5 percent.



City council

  • District 2: Kim Rafferty
  • District 9: Marcus Lundy
Board of education

  • District 1: Sherman Collins Jr.
  • District 4: Daagye Hendricks
  • District 6: Cheri Gardner

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  1. John
    Wednesday, October 9, 2013, 9:39 am

    Wade: Is “8% turnout” reflective of all Birmingham voters, or only the districts with runoffs?

  2. Wade Kwon
    Wednesday, October 9, 2013, 11:08 am

    John, it is total votes vs. total registered voters for those 5 districts. I imagine turnout varied by district. But I’m not sure how much, since the totals weren’t broken down that way.

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