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A look at nonprofit volunteer group Hands on Birmingham. From Alabama NewsCenter.

Promoting last summer’s Gospel Mix Tour (our vertical video of the week). From Annilia Mosley.

Coca-Cola memorabilia collectors. From the Coca-Cola Co.

Climbing Lost Roof in the boulder field at Moss Rock Preserve in Hoover. From Parker Satterfield.

More climbing at Moss Rock Preserve. From George Evans.

An afternoon at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. From Griffith Mehaffey.

The “Star Wars: Battle Pod” arcade game at BumperNets in the Riverchase Galleria. From BumperNets.

Morehouse freshman Rosevelt Morris Jr. of Birmingham makes his vlogging debut (our other vertical video of the week). From R.J. Morris.

A 2014 game featuring UAB at Mississippi State. From Luke Loveless.

Leroy Falcon and Ken Walker on Nashville Bound, a Birmingham artist development academy, in October at the Forum Theater downtown. From Jerry W. Henry.

Trussville’s Brinkley Rackstraw performs at the same show. From Jerry W. Henry.

Birmingham singer-songwriter Hollye Horton performs at the same show. From Jerry W. Henry.

The full Nashville Bound Reunion Show. From Jerry W. Henry.

Discussing the golf swing. From the Golf Guys.

The Prblms featuring Youngblood performs “Fiji” at WorkPlay in Lakeview. From the Prblms.

Promo for Ruffner Mountain. From Ruffner Mountain.

Driving in to work (our other other vertical video of the week). From Raynell Brian Johnson.

Former governor Don Siegelman arrives Wednesday at the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport. He was serving a 78-month sentence at the federal prison in Oakdale, La.; he’ll serve the last 6 months in home detention in his Vestavia Hills house. (Our other other other vertical video of the week.) From Great Jasper.

Promo for Dr. Tanikqua D. Moore and Focus-MD clinic in Mountain Brook. From Focus-MD.

Students from Fairfield’s Restoration Academy visit the Chick-fil-A corporate headquarters in Atlanta. From Aly Hathcock.

Atlanta R&B singer K. Michelle performs in December at the Merienda Lounge on Southside. From Hip Hop B’ham.

San Francisco roots-pop band Front Country performs “Millionaire” in January at Iron City on Southside. From Zmanatl.

Time-lapse drone footage of an August sunset. From Southern Sky Pix.

L.A. rock band Badflower performs “Heroin” in January at WorkPlay in Lakeview. From Stephanie Amber.

Promo for the Brown Marx Building downtown. From TWI.

A video from October against the deportation of Javier from Birmingham. “Javier is a plaintiff in a federal lawsuit to recover his unpaid wages and protect his labor rights. Javier’s former employer threatened to report him to immigration during a meeting with the workers and their attorney regarding the lawsuit. One week later, ICE arrested Javier at his workplace.” From Adelante TV.

Optimus Prime on the dance floor (our other other other other vertical video of the week). From Catedraticodj.

ZZ Top performs “Legs” in October at the BJCC Concert Hall downtown. From Kevin Henry.

Comedian Rickey Smiley talks to students about how he grew up in Birmingham. From TVOne.tv.

Up early at the airport (our other other other other other vertical video of the week). From G3 Badger.

Promo for Avondale Brewing Company. From Massey Creative.

A September episode of “Fox 6 Sideline.” From Rick Karle.

Birmingham alternative band the Murder of Jane Crow performs “Intermezzo” in Five Points South, a video entry for NPR​’s 2017 Tiny Desk Contest. From the Murder of Jane Crow.

Danielle “Quarter Horse” Bess runs at the USATF Hoover Alumni Invitational, December at the CrossPlex in Five Points West. From Sabrina Darling.

Singer CeeLo Green performs in March at Iron City on Southside. From Jacqueline Yau.

Dr. Mia Cowan discusses her Brook Highland clinic, MiBella Wellness Center (our other other other other other other vertical video of the week). From Dr. Mia Cowan.

An Uber driver waits for a passenger at the airport (our other other other other other other other vertical video of the week). From Daniel Chapel.

Trailer for “4 Little Girls: A Dance Film” by Queens filmmaker Kerri Edge. From Kerri Edge.

Blues Traveler performs “Run Around” in November at Iron City on Southside (our other other other other other other other other vertical video of the week). From Sean Mahoney.

Hip-hop artist Tyler, the Creator performs in 2015 at the Sloss Music and Arts Festival (our other other other other other other other other other vertical video of the week). From Elizabeth Short.

Hooping with Eliza Thompson. From Elizalien.

Time-lapse video from 2013 drive along I-20 from Shreveport to Birmingham. From ボブねこ.

Ohio middle school student’s proposal for a national monument for young civil rights protesters in 1960s Birmingham. From James Lautzenheiser.

Canadian singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes performs in 2014 in Birmingham. From Kalie GH.

Extended cut of “Goremet,” a 2009 comedic short by Billy Ray Brewton and Drew Brown. From Drew Brown.

Elevator at Homewood City Hall parking garage. From Element Elevators.

“Just a quick look at a few memories I found in my library, with new music.” From B-Hold Da General.

Anthony Hamilton and Guy perform on New Year’s Eve at Legacy Arena downtown. From Twilight Productions 2.

A Vietnamese Catholic church procession outside Our Lady of La Vang, St. John Bosco Church in Woodlawn. From Lymvideolth.

Test footage around Birmingham. From Patrick Daugherty.

Hanging out in Birmingham. From Kristen Hofmeister.

Unidentified flying object over Birmingham. From Luizito*.* salas.

Singing at Sixteenth Street Baptist Church downtown. From Francesca Mereu.

Talking with WWE wrestler Dolph Ziggler in January. From Big Communications.

Quinceañera in Birmingham. From DJ Diego Flores.

Entrepreneur Jim Cavale on Birmingham’s future. From Jim Cavale.

Promo for either a static display billboard or the electronic sign atop Two North Twentieth downtown. From Transformation Media.

YouTube star Colleen Ballinger performs “Defying Gravity” as Miranda Sings in January at the Alabama Theatre downtown. From Diane Watkins.

Ballinger greets Birmingham fans downtown.

Edwards Financial Group uses the Fetch online platform to hire a salesperson (our other other other other other other other other other other vertical video of the week). From Get Fetched.

Night freestyling (our final vertical video of the week). From Contray Burrell.

Trains around downtown Birmingham and Irondale. From Mbmars01.

A summer family trip to the Birmingham Zoo. From Universal You.

New York’s By Smith at Birmingham Fashion Week 2016 in Boutwell Auditorium downtown. From Tchambers71.

Playing racquetball at the UAB Campus Recreation Center. From Todd Shaw.

A look at the Original Gospel Harmonettes from Birmingham, one of the most successful female gospel groups of the 1950s. From True Gospel Man.

Checking in on the “Birmingham Cypher Part 2” release party in January at the Syndicate Lounge on Southside. From Rambo and Bknott.

Talking with service advisor Ralph Daniel at Royal Automotive in Vestavia Hills. From Royal Automotive.

Visiting the Birmingham Boat Show in January at the BJCC East Exhibition Hall. From Alabama NewsCenter.

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