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A look at Birmingham in videos, including eight short films from students in the UAB Media Studies program (Vimeo channel) …

“942 Greene Avenue” by Anissa Latham.

“Common Threads” by Anna Khan and Anna Siddiq.

The Birmingham Islamic community aims to build bridges across religious and cultural lines at a time of great political polarization.

“Viva Science!” by Gavin Gilliland, Ryan Murphy and Madison Pruett.

Science education in Alabama high schools depends on resources that face major funding threats from the state at a time when nationally science itself has become a source of controversy.

“Firehouse” by Betserai Ashanti, Terry Gentry and Zachary Rogers.

The DIY music scene in Birmingham is thriving despite the odds, offering creative outlets and safe spaces for emerging artists.

“Ensley Is Alive” by James Clay and Kelley Jiang.

The arts are leading the revival in the former steel community of Ensley.

“Hold to Your Dream” by Krishna Shah and Parita Sutaria.

The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham fosters opportunities to lift women out of poverty and into higher-wage careers.

“Trying to Make It” by Gentry Patterson and Jordynn Wright.

High-interest payday loans and title loans can trap families in debt. Alabama lags its neighbor states in the consumer protections for the industry, and many advocates are trying to change that.

“History for Lease” by Jacob Pinkerton and Paige Sandheinrich.

Birmingham is rich in historic buildings, and preserving them adds to the beauty and prosperity of the city, but the historic tax credits that fueled the boom are in jeopardy.

A tour of the Amtrak train station downtown, due to be replaced later this year. From CameraBryan.

A Vietnamese song for the April wedding of Minh Dũng and Bích Thuỳ. From Lymvideolth.

The guide to the city that loops on hotel channels. From CityVision – the Visitor’s Channel.

Highlight reel for Thompson senior guard/forward Nehemiah Womack. From Street Light Recruiting.

Theo Gkoutsidis and Melvin Miller perform “I Hope You Dance” at Perfect Note in Hoover (our vertical video of the week). From Theo Gkoutsidis.

Minor league hockey team Birmingham Bulls returns this fall with a new home in Pelham. From Alabama NewsCenter.

Birmingham’s Haeun Kim performs on violin during the Moscow Ballet’s “Nutcracker” in December at the BJCC Concert Hall downtown. From Moscow Ballet.

Minnesota a cappella group Home Free performs in March at the Alabama Theatre downtown. From Sharon Holcomb.

Memphis’ Team Thad plays in the Alabama Premier Basketball Southern Spring Invitational in March/April at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex. From Ultimate Preps.

Birmingham rock band Heath Green and the Makeshifters perform “Ain’t It a Shame” at Lucia Plantation as part of the Audiovore’s Spectra Sonic Sound Sessions. From Lee M. Shook Jr.

Checking out the clothes at Riders Harley-Davidson in Trussville (our other vertical video of the week). From Blue Streak Blonde.

The Alabama State Mass Choir performs “They Got the Word” at July’s Gospel Music Workshop of America at the Sheraton Birmingham downtown. From Bhj409.

The GMWA Men of Promise performs “Miracle Worker” at July’s Gospel Music Workshop of America at the Sheraton Birmingham downtown. From Will Harris.

Knoxville deathcore band Whitechapel performs at the Syndicate Lounge on Southside. From Jay Dexter.

A participant shares her motivation at April’s March for Science in Linn Park. From Birmingham March for Science.

Testimonial from Cal LaGroue of the Valletta Group in Hoover for Healthpac medical billing software. From Healthpac.

Driving to Children’s of Alabama on Southside (our other other vertical video of the week). From Makiyah Knows Best.

A complaint about a recessed lighting fixture. From Go with Flow Plumbing.

Rod Walker at Railroad Park. From Rod Walker.

Huntsville band Dismal Dream performs “Devoured” and “Forced March” in November at the High Note on Southside. From Hunter Austen.

Fun on a tire swing and in the kitchen. From Alexander Popov.

Drone footage of George Ward Park in Glen Iris. From Kenneth Robbins.

Guests at Anna Claire and Mike’s April wedding party rock out in the slow-motion video booth at the Club. From Details Videography.

A 2001 commercial for Birmingham-based Parisian’s one-day sale. From Analog Indulgence.

A 2001 commercial for Birmingham-based Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama. From Analog Indulgence.

Straightening kinky hair at Natural Hair Salon in Hoover. From Brittany Swoope.

“Destination USA” talks with Gary Bostany of Vulcan Park. From Inaartbeat.

A performance of “Resurrection” at Church of the Highlands’ Easter service. From Laird Foret.

UAB’s Dr. Caleb Dulaney on ways to broaden and improve breast cancer information on cancer center websites. From Harborside Press.

Watching trains in April in Irondale. From Carson Bean.

Scottish singer-songwriter K.T. Tunstall performs “Two Way” in March at WorkPlay in Lakeview (our other other other vertical video of the week). From Michael Koch.

Exploring Sloss Furnaces for paranormal activity. From Pushing the Limits.

Birmingham voice actor Chris McCann provides narration for this promo for Kyäni dietary supplements. From Chris McCann.

Biking in April on Johnson’s Mountain at Oak Mountain State Park. From Kevin Willoughby.

Kansas rock band Ridiculas Trixx performs “Crazy Addiction” in March at the Nick on Southside. From Ridiculas Trixx.

The Crestwood Community Band rehearses “Beer Barrel Polka” in April at the Community Education South Building in Crestwood South. From Cyclelogical29.

Drone footage of Lake Purdy from October’s drought and April’s replenished state. From Ron Burkett.

Hiking and go-kart racing at Autobahn Indoor Speedway in Bessemer. From Snrvlogs.

AshLeigh Dunham and April DeLuca of Magic City Law discuss the divorce process. From Magic City Law.

Promo for new majors at UAB. From Shibli Rahman.

All around Railroad Park downtown. From Ruie Brooks.

Nashville indie rock band Colony House performs “Lonely” in March in Saturn in Avondale. From Emily Busby.

Kids from Ephesus Academy Child Development Center perform “Song of Praise” in April at the Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist Church in Smithfield. From Be Encouraged.

Visiting Five Points South and the Garage. From Travelling Tourists.

WVTM-13 interview with Woodstock resident Tyler Goodson, featured on the popular podcast “S-Town.” From WVTM-13 News.

A patient discusses the outcome after her facelift (our other other other other vertical video of the week). From Petro Facial Plastic Surgery and MedSpa.

Driving on I-459 south through Hoover. From C.L.

The Amtrak Crescent in Atlanta and Birmingham. From Dexter Greene.

Highlights from April’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ Quarterback Camp at Sunshine Farm in Sterrett. From Jordan Mitchell Video Production.

Music video for “Intercept Trap” by Birmingham rapper BadBaby. From Angel Tolen.

Opening a toy after the February “Wild Kratts Live!” show in Birmingham. From Chelsey’s Mommy.

Minor League Paintball match at Central Alabama Paintball Park in Alabaster. From Donald Gaddis.

MAX bus No. 38 – Graymont-Ensley. From I Ride Public Transit.

MAX bus No. 3 – Wenonah. From I Ride Public Transit.

Highlights from the 2017 NCAA Division II Winter Festival in March at the CrossPlex in Five Points West. The event featured swimming, diving, track and field and wrestling. From NCAA Division II.

Stonehill College senior Nicole Borofski after the 1-mile run finals at the 2017 NCAA Division II Winter Festival. From Stonehill Skyhawks.

Promo for 5ivemile Photography in Homewood. From Arthur Cunningham.

A performance of “Together We’ve Got It” at Chuck E. Cheese’s in Inverness. From Chuck E’s Crib.

Highlights from Ole Miss at Alabama in 1971 at Legion Field in Graymont. From Bama Rewind.

Attendees from around the world for Tuesday Block Parties in Pinson. From the Block Birmingham.

Tornado warning. From AL Storm Alert.

Checking out Vulcan and the museum in April. From Dexter Greene.

Driving along Red Mountain through Southside. From Ron Terry.

Greetings from Pratt City (our other other other other other vertical video of the week). From Pratt City.

Robert Jemerson and other former employees protest in March outside of the Birmingham Water Works. From al.com.

Promo for April’s reThink Apologetic Student Conference at Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Hoover. From Briarwood Youth Group.

Behind the scenes of Reese Whitworth’s photo session in July downtown. From Jordan Taylor Photography.

Watching bands Amnesty Please, Hounds, Meadows and Let’s Move Mountains in January at the Syndicate Lounge on Southside. From Austin Jones.

Drone footage of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. From Drdavid60.

Birmingham drummer Sputnik in church. From Carol Sheppard.

Birmingham rapper Floss the Mack performs “Love Ya” at Club Cielo in Brown Springs. From Floss the Mack Official.

Dancing at April’s Mt Laurel Spring Festival. From Troy Barnette.

Karen Day in April at the Syndicate Lounge on Southside. From Majik City Myke B.

Driving up Coosa Mountain. From MrTropics64.

Driving up from Tuscaloosa for Cars and Coffee at Hoover Tactical Firearms. From Marius Weber YT.

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