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Sidewalk 2006: Short and sweet



Kevin (Scott Ross), left, and Celia (Melissa Bush) banter over coffee in “Muckfuppet.”

They say romance is dead. We say, it’s not dead until we pull the trigger.

Saturday, be sure to duck.

That’s when “Muckfuppet” debuts, as part of the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival.

My friend Kenn reached deep into his fractured soul and coughed up this lovely screenplay in 2005. That effort earned him the Sidewrite screenplay award at the festival.

He had won recognition, but the script deserved more. It was destined to be filmed. (And I helped get the word out as the film’s publicist.)

In December, he had scraped together enough bodies and enough cash for a one-day shoot. It is the fortunate filmmaker who can count on friends and family to help out.

We trooped down to Courtney’s on Southside early on a Sunday (forgive us, we know now what we do). The shoot went well, thanks to the talented cast and crew.

You know the rest. The movie (which may still be undergoing tinkering as I type this) is part of this weekend’s festival lineup. The little award-winning script that could has come full circle, returning as a filmed entry.

That film, by the way, is a playful and heartfelt conversation between friends at a diner. Is it love, or just coffee?

Judge for yourself. If romance is dead, “Muckfuppet” may have the cure.

“Muckfuppet” will screen as part of Alabama Shorts No. 2 at 1:30 p.m. Saturday at the Alabama Theatre. Also in the block is our pal Jennifer West’s first film, “Piece of Cake,” starring Mo Rocca.


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