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EXCLUSIVE: For Repete’s sake


After a state championship four-peat, Repete is on pause from football.


Dwarn Smith, better known as “Repete” on the MTV reality series “Two-a-Days,” played as a defensive lineman for the Hoover High football team. No. 91 moved to Hoover from nearby Birmingham to join the nationally ranked Bucs.

Smith earned a reputation on the show as a tough trash-talker, an intense athlete and a laid-back jokester. This fall, the 18-year-old Auburn freshman became the first member of his family to attend college.

In this exclusive interview with Wade on Birmingham, Smith talks about life without football, his girlfriend Megan, the most important life lesson from Coach Rush Propst and his outgoing dad.

• Were you satisfied with how much airtime you received? Why did the producers choose you among all the players?

I think they chose me because I was laid back, and the cameras really didn’t affect how I acted.

I wasn’t really satisfied with the airtime. I could have stood to see the screen a little more — and from the 1,000,000 e-mails I get a week, my fans think so, too.


• What’s been the biggest adjustment since the show?

The biggest adjustment I had to make was actually accepting the fact that I am known nationally. I wasn’t used to people wanting to take pictures with me everywhere I go.

• You were supposed to play for Auburn, but quit the team before the season began? Do you miss football?

Yeah, I miss it a little too much.

• What did Coach Propst teach you?

To never give up, and give it everything I got.

• What did you learn about yourself from seeing yourself on the show?

I am a funny person, but I can get a little out of hand with my mouth sometimes.

• What did the show get right (or wrong) about you?

I think it got that I give it all I got on the field and off. It may have made me look like I am cocky, and I’m really not.

• Do you have plans beyond Auburn, either for academics or athletics?

Either I stay in engineering or go to business. I would love to make it to the (NFL), but it’s not for everybody to make it, so I just want to be successful in life.


Pin pals: Repete and his then-girlfriend Megan go bowling.

• You dated Megan, a student at Shades Valley High. Are you two still together?

Well, it’s funny you ask. We are really cool. She really wants to get back with me, but as of right now, there’s another girl named Krystal.

But, I still love Megan with all my heart. I think the show pulled us apart, but hopefully one day, we will be back together.

• When did you move to Hoover? Were you recruited?

My ninth grade year (2002) from Carver High School in Birmingham. I took a chance on playing. Hoover does not recruit, as far as I know.


Mr. and Mr. Smith: Father and son chat over dinner.

• How’s Dwarn, your dad?

He is fine. He has a car detailing company called On the Spot, and he has really been trying to get the company’s name out there, so he has been busy a lot lately.

• And how’s your relationship with your dad? Was the show accurate in its portrayal of him?

It’s good.

Yeah, it was accurate. … He is a fun, outgoing person, and a lot of fun to be around.

Part 2 of the season finale of “Two-a-Days” airs at 9:30 tonight and repeats throughout the week, after debuting online last week. [recap of tonight’s episode]


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