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Heads up: Rush resigns, admits love child


rush propstWow, this is the best season of “Two-a-Days” yet! Except that all of the action has been in the boardroom instead of on the field.

Rush Propst, head football coach at Hoover High and reality TV star, resigned this evening but plans to lead the team through the remainder of the season. The school and system have been rocked by allegations of grade changing for players (which Propst has denied) and violations of state athletic association rules involving ineligible players, leading to forfeits of wins from this season.

Oh, and Propst had an extramarital affair resulting in one child. Guess the secret family is no longer secret.

The board met behind closed doors several times before releasing a report [pdf] detailing its own $151,000 investigation into the machinations at the high school. Propst was cleared of having an affair with a colleague, assistant principal Carol Martin, who resigned earlier this month. The system will pay Propst $141,000 to end his contract early, though he’ll be working for them through Aug. 31.

Parents have been vocal in their support and denunciation of Propst this season, citing his televised verbal abuse of players and win-at-all-costs attitude. During his almost nine seasons, the team won five state championships and earned a 108-15 record.

MTV should’ve opted for a third season, huh? Ding!


Birmingham News: Rush Propst resigns but will coach through end of season

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  1. Southtrek
    Wednesday, October 31, 2007, 8:30 am

    It’s one of those sad days when a public figure finally admits to what’s been rumour for some time and takes his medicine. Albeit in Propst’s case with a major dose of honey to help it go down.

    For the record, Birminghamster updated last week with an announcement on Propst’s new realty TV show. Funny stuff.

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    Tuesday, November 3, 2009, 11:50 pm

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