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‘The Biggest Loser: Couples’ recap, episode 2

By Ginny

The Bama Slammers are back for week 2 of “The Biggest Loser: Couples.” Roger Shultz of Enterprise and Trent Patterson dropped nearly 50 pounds in the premiere, but can they stay strong in the face of double trainers and rib plates?

The episode begins with Bob and Jillian’s announcement that they’re going to work as a duo, too. Seeing them together reminds me of when I found both high school guys I was dating in a heart-to-heart confab. I’m only 16, why can’t I love you both?! I mean, Bob, please don’t tell her anything I said about her.

P.S. Jillian’s a screamer, but I already knew that.

If the grays mind having two coaches on staff, we don’t see it, but maybe they’re out at the milk bar, because the next segment is some sort of creepy aversion therapy called the Hall of Truth. Teams watch films featuring hyperbolic estimates of unhealthy foods they’ve consumed over the past year.

The Biggest Loser

Not only does Dr. Marvin Candle know his food stats,
he also has a reassuring message below.

The Biggest Loser

Sufficiently freaked out, the teams head directly back into training, where we miss out on the grays, again, in favor of newlywed Neill (white), at left, whining and slacking off. All I can think about is how when he loses weight, he’ll have to address the fact that he’s gay.

Jillian picks up on this, too, because she finally kicks him outside for a conversation about his fear of losing weight. It’s all very subtle and Rock Hudson-y, but I think we’ll see Neill “shaving his beard” after he drops the pounds.

The Biggest Loser

I don’t know if they’ll eat less, but they definitely
won’t be committing any more of the ol’ ultraviolence …

Ups and downs: This week’s challenge is a giant seesaw that teams ride together, racing to 100 reps to win a phone call home. Gray is out almost immediately after Trent injures his leg. Everyone knows that seesawing is a dangerous sport.

They win anyway when the brothers (black), who are also dads, are given extra calls to share and give them to other teams with young kids. Great, because God knows no one ever gets special treatment because they have kids. Phbbt.

The Biggest Loser

You must be this tall wide to ride.

We’re almost into the second hour before we finally get a feature with the Bama Slammers. This is the clip we’ve seen in all the previews, where Roger tells his son he will “bring him back a prize.” Hint, hint.

Trent’s call is nice, because he has an actual conversation with his wife (she talks about what their son is eating and what she’s planning over the next few weeks) instead of just the typical reality staple of blubbering phoned “I miss you” laments.

Rib it up: Time for the season’s first Temptation. Teams are split up and given four minutes each to eat as many calories as they can at a cookout. The winners receive $5,000.

Roger touches and smells everything, picking up a damn tasty-looking rib that he calls “sweet Alabama home.” He resists, though, and no one eats until Paul (yellow) justifies it by saying he’s 1,000 calories short of his daily allowance. I’ve used that excuse before — but I didn’t have a major weigh-in immediately after my lapse, so I can’t agree with his strategy.

The Biggest Loser

For Roger, smells like Dreamland.

Plus, Paul picks really boring food, a corndog and a banana muffin, when barbecue ribs are in sight. Make it count, fat boy. He loses to the other big eater, Mark (black), who goes on a massive sugar binge worth 925 calories. Someone needs to watch his film again …

The Biggest Loser

The weigh-in: The gray team is up first, posting a teeny tiny loss of 9 pounds, or 1.2 percent of their current weight. Everyone is shocked, especially after their massive drop last week, until several other teams start posting equally small losses.

To be fair, this is the slow, healthy weight loss that’s recommended in the real world. But these are reality show contestants, and I want to see them melt away like butter for my entertainment.

The Bama Slammers’ small number still keeps them safe, and Curtis and Mallory, the married couple (brown) is sent home, saving Paul and Kelly, the divorced couple (yellow).

The Biggest Loser

No caption here, I just like seeing a bald guy
kiss another bald guy on the head.

“The Biggest Loser: Couples” airs at 7 p.m. Tuesdays on NBC 13.

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