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Heads up: Catching up with Rush Propst and the ‘Two-A-Days’ cast


Rush Propst - Hoover High School - Two-A-DaysRush Propst, the champion football coach with the cocky attitude, has wrapped up his first season in Colquitt County, Ga. You may remember him for his winning ways at Hoover High School, or perhaps for the show “Two-A-Days,” or at the very least, for his downfall in October 2007.

His first season has ended with a loss, including Propst being ejected in the fourth quarter for two penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct. The team finished 4-6. (Hoover, meanwhile, is 11-1, playing Mountain Brook Friday in the third round of state playoffs.)

Has his humble new home softened the coach? Well …

Propst has a long wish list: Assistant coaches freed from classroom duties. An expanded staff. More weight equipment. Artificial turf to match the fields of some other schools, where the grass always seems greener.

“We can’t just keep up with the Joneses,” he said. “We’ve got to pass them.”

The school board approved $95,000 in salary on a coach who was viewed by some as high risk, but who is seen by almost all as high reward. Jones said he would try to accommodate Propst, within reason. Quoting from the New Testament, he said, “To whom much is given, much is expected.”

Meanwhile, the question we get asked (a lot) is “Whatever happened to So-and-So from ‘Two-A-Days’ ”? Wonder no more: Ian R. Rapoport at the Birmingham News tracked down the stars for an update feature for ESPN, ” ‘Two-A-Days’ stars take divergent paths.”

  • Alex Binder left the Bevill State baseball team, works at a Birmingham car dealership to provide for his wife Danielle and 11-month-old girl, Maria Grace.
  • Mark McCarty conquered his addiction to marijuana and pills and “gave (his) life to the Lord” after his mother was diagnosed with brain cancer.
  • Dwarn “Repete” Smith, who played football at Auburn for two days, attends Jacksonville State.
  • Ross Wilson, younger brother of Alabama quarterback John Parker Wilson, hit .295 with 15 home runs as a freshman second baseman for the Crimson Tide.
  • As for football, Cornelius Williams plays at Troy, Max Lerner at Furman, the twins Brandon and Byron Clear at Clemson, and Michael DeJohn walked on at Alabama.

New York Times: “High School Football Coach Relishes His Second Chance”

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