Wade on Birmingham

The Birmingham channel: Gurneys, blood moon, AFI, cystic fibrosis


A look at Birmingham in videos …

A quick tour of Sloss Furances. From Underwear News Briefs.

AFI performs at Iron City (our vertical video of the week). From Monica Grey.

Rob Burton talks about his cystic fibrosis and Birmingham’s air pollution. From GASP.

TechBirmingham’s job fair vendors on the event’s success. From TechFetch.

Blood moon over Oak Mountain. From Leilani Carroll.

Parades! UAB Homecoming via drone. From UAB Digital Media.

The traditional gurney races during UAB’s Homecoming Week. From UAB Digital Media.

More from the gurney races, with NASCAR champ Jimmie Johnson. From UAB News.

Parades! The Birmingham Fire Prevention Parade. From al.com.

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