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Wade’s 101: Haiku retrospective 41


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  1. business class karaoke
    A selection of
    Sting hits and white wine spritzers
    for a few bucks more.
  2. mystical origin
    “Doctor Strange” best scene?
    When the radioactive
    magician bites him.
  3. poll watcher
    This is a test that
    allows cheating: Copy off
    of my ballot, please.
  4. put up, show up, count up
    One vote, your vote, could
    make a difference. But only
    if you turn it in.
  5. the political minority
    To be commander
    in chief requires little
    more than white power.
  6. star-spangled spectacle
    This election has
    certainly brought out the best
    in us, hasn’t it?
  7. the fight goes on
    We can learn so much
    from vets, especially now
    we are all soldiers.
  8. so heavy a hidden burden
    Guilt corrupted his
    love into a force for his
    misguided penance.
  9. dixie is burning
    has no participation
    in irrigation.
  10. denigration by any means necessary
    Racism is like
    pornography: I will know
    it when I see it.
  11. surge of the non-believers
    They attack non-whites
    and non-men to make their cruel
    non-points about hate.
  12. politics 2016
    Vicious attacks. Cruel
    policy. Lie outright. It’s
    how the game is played.
  13. dry spell after dry spell
    A single raindrop
    ended the long drought, starting
    a new one for months.
  14. no soul required
    Nothing ever dies
    when poisonous nostalgia
    takes on zombie form.
  15. in good company
    Settling in for
    a winter of good books, good
    wine and alone time.
  16. the new job market
    Safe space officer.
    Reality host turned prez.
    Helicopter bro.
  17. this little piggy went to market.com
    See services ship.
    Click, buy, click, buy. Shop, Jane, shop.
    Scurry, drones, scurry.
  18. bulletproof funny bone
    If we don’t shoot the
    court jester first, we’re in for
    some hilarity.
  19. expect the unexpected
    Let hope fly out the
    window. Receive candid views
    and misguided help.
  20. around the big table
    Pass the cornbread, pie,
    turkey, gravy, dressing, rolls,
    green beans, cranberries …
  21. a dose of black friday
    Can a new blender
    make family squabbling and
    job stress go away?
  22. plus al’s pancake world
    Visit Stars Hollow
    for its new sewer system
    and its free parking.
  23. beyond borders
    Each tribe shuddered at
    unity and withdrew to
    a safer distance.
  24. water water nowhere
    Please take this gift of
    a single raindrop and share
    it among millions.
  25. the world’s most popular dish
    Two parts hydrogen,
    one part oxygen. Serve fresh
    from cloud containers.
  26. the conditions today and tomorrow
    Drought and wildfires
    to tornados, thunderstorms
    and flash floods like that.
  27. dust bowl
    Miles of scorched earth in
    a forest of parched pines, all
    subject to a spark.
  28. prescription for downfall
    Demonize your foe.
    Let no one reach you with love
    or reason or trust.
  29. hard times in rural arctica
    Many out-of-work
    elves make ends meet with odd jobs
    and reindeer poaching.
  30. look up and fall
    As you drop from the
    plane, your body spins through the
    crushing roar of sky.
  31. canopy deployed
    See the land stretch out
    forever, looming larger
    while drifting along.
  32. disinformationally misinformed
    We made up stuff to
    terrify ourselves and now
    we do it for you.
  33. ripped from the headlines
    Tight race now for the
    Pulitzer in the cate-
    gory of fake news.
  34. making biscuits
    Pat the dough with a
    gentle touch, then cut it up
    with a jelly jar.
  35. burn all the teachers
    Education ain’t
    taught me nothin’ ‘cept how book
    learnin’ don’t pay bills.
  36. bodies at rest
    Delightful slumber
    awakens rejuvena-
    tion in every cell.
  37. walk it off
    Whether a mild sprain,
    wind knocked out of you or a
    severe concussion.
  38. the price of binging
    Do we savor when
    we gorge upon things meant to
    be consumed slowly?
  39. that counts
    The best gift giver
    in the world relaxed with his
    loud ties and cheap mugs.
  40. rip 2016
    Yes, the Grim Reaper
    loves meeting celebrities
    and boosting their fame.
  41. to ramble
    Let passion burst forth
    as a torrent of pretty
    words and swift musings.
  42. may the franchise be with you
    I’ll probably live
    to see another 50
    more “Star Wars” movies.
  43. why should meatbags have all the fun?
    Let’s hope some of the
    self-driving cars weave in and
    out of tight traffic.
  44. out of towels
    Throw it in once the
    day is done, the game is lost,
    and all hope is gone.
  45. the mad dash
    Delivery missed.
    Last-minute shopping trip with
    big crowds and no time.
  46. flavors of friendship
    Animals can out-
    fox biology; humans
    can’t trounce bigotry.
  47. peace on earthlings
    The stillness comes form
    within. A breath, a moment,
    a pause to reflect.
  48. five minutes in heaven
    No more nerves, no more
    palpitations. Feeling all
    at once and nothing.
  49. strength from passivity
    Thoughts come and go. Pain
    subsides. Future and past are
    acknowledged. All is.
  50. a preview of the 2017 holiday season
    Anyone caught with
    the Christmas spirit will be
    held in detention.
  51. in lieu of snow
    May all your days be
    merry and bright. May all your
    Christmases be white.
  52. tis better to give in than to regift
    The return isn’t
    an unkindness but the best
    do-over we get.
  53. as the night goes
    Darkness creeps along
    the edges of the homestead,
    wants to be let in.
  54. the fisher queen
    The princess of the
    galaxy, force of wit and
    charm, long may she reign.
  55. reapin’ ain’t easy
    Grim comes with the job,
    but some years are a bounty
    of celebrity.
  56. business causal
    The frenemies in
    the office were catty, but
    in a polite way.
  57. it’s almost midnight somewhere
    Live each day like it’s
    the last day of the year: in
    a rush to party.
  58. never too early to break some resolutions
    We’ll all be a tad
    leaner, thriftier, calmer,
    taller, nicer. … Nah.
  59. selling points
    If you like features
    that up the price but not the
    fun, check out this deal …
  60. lies, all lies
    Everyone talks a-
    bout fake news, but no one does
    a thing about it.
  61. dash it all
    The GPS voice
    told him, “Drive recklessly,” and
    he blindly followed.
  62. you know those lights were bright on broadway
    There are not many
    who remember. They say a
    handful still survive.
  63. asynchronous communication
    I called. She emailed
    back. I tried a text. And then
    she faxed me over.
  64. precipitation buffet
    Rain falls more harshly
    as ice pellets, more gently
    as dainty snowflakes.
  65. shut-ins for life
    Drones drop off supplies,
    while we binge-watch everything.
    What’s cabin fever?
  66. the limits of family togetherness
    Maybe the kids can
    color for the next few days:
    books, walls, whatever.
  67. hurry up, climate change
    My Southern chalet
    will triple in value as
    a beachfront cottage.
  68. don’t matter
    Vaccines, lady parts,
    qualifications, gay folk,
    people of color.
  69. does matter
    Money, self-interest,
    power, revenge, privilege,
    winning arguments.
  70. defining moment
    A chance to focus
    on the things that matter while
    discarding nonsense.
  71. washington or bust
    Cheer on the peaceful
    change of power or decry
    the ruler to be.
  72. words, actions and change
    In Birmingham, John
    Lewis and Freedom Riders
    were met with brute force.
  73. a legacy of vigilance
    Do we stand with King
    in working toward a more
    inclusive future?
  74. the diner at the end of the world
    A long wait, but the
    flapjacks and burgers are worth
    the armageddon.
  75. all winter in a day 2017
    The snowman waited
    for Margot till he dropped from
  76. may all your days be circus days
    The clowns shed some tears.
    The trapeze artists flip out.
    The ringmaster bows.
  77. america, my home sweet home
    From the mountains to
    the prairies to the oceans
    white with foam, God bless.
  78. rockin’ in the free world
    A warnin’ sign on
    the road ahead … sayin’ we’d
    be better off dead.
  79. finally the tables are starting to turn
    Don’t you know, talkin’
    ’bout a revolution. It
    sounds like a whisper.
  80. this haiku kills fascists
    As they stood there, I
    stood there asking, Is this land
    made for you and me?
  81. a strange and bitter crop
    Pastoral scene of
    the gallant South: the bulging
    eyes and twisted mouth.
  82. can’t bring myself to do what it is you think i should
    Too late to make it
    right. Probably wouldn’t if
    I could. ‘Cause I’m mad.
  83. make love, smoke kush, try to laugh hard and live long
    That’s the antidote.
    You defeat the devil when
    you hold on to hope.
  84. shortcuts to shortcuts
    Soon, we will be so
    efficient that pushing a
    button is too much.
  85. the newer colossus
    I come from a pair
    of immigrant parents. Born
    here, waving in more.
  86. america the dutiful
    We are a young and
    sometimes foolish country, but
    we may just yet shine.
  87. were all those harry potter books for naught?
    World of magic to
    guide us against fear and hate.
    Rowling is brassed off.
  88. a piteous domain
    And when he saw the
    breadth, he wept for there were no
    more worlds to ruin.
  89. ready, aim, splatter
    Paint on my floor, my
    clothes, my hands, my toes, my hair
    and some on the walls.
  90. actions, not words
    Don’t argue. Do. Don’t
    simmer. Do. Don’t hesitate.
    Do. Don’t matter? Do.
  91. a hasty virtual retreat
    I am leaving this
    group text message, and I am
    never coming back.
  92. paperback stall
    The faded bookmark
    patiently waits for progress
    amidst the pages.
  93. catlike reflexes
    Go to the party
    or stay in? Go out or stay
    in? Go or stay? Hmm …
  94. the future of health care
    Laughter is the best
    medicine available
    to uninsured groups.
  95. push for this, push for that
    The add-on buttons
    on the fridge summon extra
    diapers, funds causes.
  96. platinum cabinet
    The plutocratic
    cabal made sure to rob more
    from the poor each day.
  97. upon reflection
    We see ourselves in
    lies more damaging than those
    in any mirror.
  98. absurdly awake
    While away the late
    night with light tossing, heavy
    turning, ugly dawn.
  99. coping strategies
    Wine, deep breathing, walks
    outside, comfort food, screaming
    into a pillow.
  100. the 17 most offensive syllables you’ll read today
    I wrote this poem
    without any regard for
    the clicks it will get.
  101. the secrets of the kitchen
    All the recipes
    look so good. After a pause,
    they went for takeout.

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