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Vote 2017: Jones, Moore and a rapt nation awaits


Video: NBC News report on the Alabama Senate race

No one could have predicted this.

Vote 2017What was once a sleepy December special election to fill a vacant Senate seat in a deep red state has turned into a national referendum on political parties, sexual harassment and the Trump agenda. Merry Christmas, Alabama.

It all started a month ago with a bombshell Washington Post report citing several Gadsden women approached as teenagers for dates while Roy Moore was in his early 30s. One woman accused him of sexual assault. Moore is the twice-elected, twice-removed Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice on the Republican ticket.

(Or maybe it all started when then-Gov. Bentley picked then-Attorney General Luther Strange in February to fill Jeff Sessions’ Senate seat after Sessions was appointed U.S. Attorney General.)

National media, pundits, celebrities and at least one late night talk show host have descended on this one-race ballot for 4 weeks. Money has flooded in, turning a surefire Republican victory into a free-for-all, complete with nonstop commercials, flyers, rallies, high-profile interlopers and poll after poll after poll.

Alabama has had an interesting fall.

Oh, and Doug Jones is running for the Democrats. Almost forgot.

At least in 12 hours, this will all be over (save for any voting machine malfunctions, calls for recount or nuclear war).

The polls are open: Voting takes place till 7 p.m. for this one race.

Q: Where do I vote?

A: Call Jefferson County: (205) 325-5550, Jefferson County (Bessemer only): (205) 481-4105, Shelby County: (205) 669-3913.

Or Search Your Polling Place on AlabamaVotes.gov.

Wade on Birmingham:
election results tonight

Remember, if you have problems at your polling place:

  • Notify a poll worker immediately.
  • Call the state attorney general at 1-800-831-8814 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. today and Wednesday.
  • Call the secretary of state at 1-800-274-VOTE (8683) or visit StopVoterFraudNow.com.
  • And tell the probate court for Jefferson County (205-325-5203) or Shelby County (205-669-3713).
  • E-mail us at Vote2017[at]wadeonbirmingham.com.

Q: What can I expect to see on the ballot?

A: Here it is …

2017 general election senator sample ballot

Q: What if I need a ride to the polls?

A: Try Carpool Vote, a free service that matches volunteer drivers with voters who need a lift.

Let us know where and when you voted, and how many votes were cast before yours.

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