Wade on Birmingham

Link to us

Yes, you too can promote Wade on Birmingham. How?

Glad you asked …

Text links

Put a text link like this one

   Wade on Birmingham

by copying this code and putting it on your site.

<a href="http://wadeonbirmingham.com">Wade on Birmingham</a>


Feel free to put these graphics on your site. (You can even use the coding with it, but don’t ask me how it works. It’s probably some kind of dark magic.)

   Wade on Birmingham  Plain old button.

<a href="http://wadeonbirmingham.com"><img src='https://wadeonbirmingham.com/wp-content/buttons/wadebutton1.gif?x92460' /></a>

   Wade on Birmingham  Fancy flashing button.

<a href="http://wadeonbirmingham.com"><img src='https://wadeonbirmingham.com/wp-content/buttons/wadebutton2.gif?x92460' /></a>

Let me know if you use a button graphic, and I’ll send you a free button, just cuz.