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The Biggest Loser: Couples


The Biggest Loser

Former Alabama football players Roger Shultz, left,
and Trent Patterson team up for ‘The Biggest Loser.’

As offensive linemen for the Crimson Tide, they were the big men on campus. But they’re bigger than ever — a collective 799 pounds — as two of 20 contestants on “The Biggest Loser: Couples.”

The gray team, Roger Shultz of Enterprise and Trent Patterson of Endicott, N.Y., works together to shed the pounds for a shot at the $250,000 grand prize. Each week, they endure long workouts and tough challenges to stay on the show.

Wade on Birmingham provided weekly recaps of the reality competition, which debuted New Year’s Day 2008.


  • Jan. 6 | Big men off campus
    Roger and Trent, former Alabama teammates, gear up to shape up
  • March 27 | Gamecocked!
    Roger’s success on the show has cost him his job at Jacksonville State
  • April 9 | Roger, over and out?
    Voters to decide if Shultz competes for the grand prize
  • April 14 | Take it off
    A Q&A with Roger Shultz before the finale

Episode recaps

  • Jan. 1 | Color war!
    In the two-hour season premiere, Roger and Trent are gray for Jillian
  • Jan. 8 | Cinema scary-diso
    The first Temptation, the health films from hell and see-saw showdown
  • Jan. 15 | Chew-chew train
    It’s off, so it’s on. It’s so on.
  • Jan. 22 | The gong show
    One vs. 100! Or more like two vs. 12.
  • Jan. 29 | The Bob squad
    Brother vs. brother, Bob vs. Jillian, soda vs. math.
  • Feb. 5 | Yes we can
    A Super Duper Tuesday, plus auditions for season six in Nashville.
  • Feb. 12 | One is the whiniest number
    A single pound forces a heartbreaking decision.
  • Feb. 19 | Song of the mouth
    Losers go home!
  • Feb. 26 | Pride goeth
    The blue team visits Las Vegas.
  • March 4 | Gift of the Bernie
    Classic literary themes: teams kaput (man vs. man) and the vending machine (man vs. machine).
  • March 11 | Twist and shout
    Return of the eliminated; rant of the recapper.
  • March 18 | That not-so-fresh feeling
    Makeovers with special guest Tim Gunn.
  • March 25 | I can has cake?
    Boys vs. girls? Piece of cake.
  • April 1 | Hybrid test drive
    The contestants swim, bike and run across Sydney.
  • April 8 | Women on top
    Who will make it to the final three during the last weigh-in?
  • April 15 | Those last 10 pounds
    The live recap that follows Roger to the very end

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