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Birmingham’s Biggest Crooks

Wade on Birmingham - Birmingham's Biggest CrooksA celebration of Birmingham’s most notorious crooks, whether they be liars, thieves, extortionists, swindlers or thugs. Published August 2009.

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  • Day 1: Gary White
    Jefferson County commissioner convicted of bribery and conspiracy
  • Day 2: Gregory Clarke
    pastor convicted of filing false tax returns
  • Day 3: Mary Buckelew
    Jefferson County Commission president convicted of obstruction of justice
  • Day 4: Marvin Warner
    banker and Birmingham Stallions owner convicted of fraud and securities violations
  • Day 5: Rube Burrow
    farmer turned train robber and murderer
  • Day 6: Chris McNair
    Jefferson County commissioner convicted of bribery and conspiracy
  • Day 7: Don MacDermott
    Birmingham city council member convicted of receiving and possessing child pornography
  • Day 8: Mary Kay Beard
    bank robber turned Angel Tree ministry founder
  • Day 9: Simon Speights
    burglar turned Lipscomb mayor
  • Day 10: Dedrick Griham
    robber and kidnapper
  • Day 11: J.B. Stoner
    attorney and segregationist convicted of bombing Bethel Baptist Church
  • Day 12: Richard Scrushy
    HealthSouth founder convicted of bribery, conspiracy and mail fraud
  • Day 13: Danny Ray Miles
    federal witness convicted of murder, kidnapping and robbery
  • Day 14: Virginia Hill
    waitress, “bag woman” for the Mafia, alleged prostitute and blackmailer
  • Day 15: James Bevel
    minister and adviser to Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., convicted of incest
  • Day 16: Al LaPierre
    lobbyist convicted of conspiracy and filing a false tax return
  • Day 17: Richard Hawes
    railroad engineer convicted of murdering his wife and two daughters
  • Day 18: Bill Blount
    investment banker convicted of bribery and conspiracy
  • Day 19: E.B. McClain
    state senator convicted of bribery, conspiracy, mail fraud and money laundering
  • Day 20: Troy Ingram
    miner and mechanic who helped build the bomb that killed four girls at 16th Street Baptist Church in 1963
  • Day 21: John Katopodis
    city councilor and county commissioner convicted of mail and wire fraud
  • Day 22: Samuel Pettagrue
    pastor convicted of bribery, conspiracy, mail fraud and money laundering
  • Day 23: Matthew Cloyd, Russell DeBusk and Benjamin Moseley
    college students convicted of arson, burglary and conspiracy
  • Day 24: Don Siegelman
    governor convicted of bribery, mail fraud and obstruction of justice
  • Day 25: Jeff Germany
    Jefferson County commissioner convicted of misapplying county funds and conspiracy
  • Day 26: Jeff and Jessica McCord
    couple convicted of double murder
  • Day 27: Jack Montgomery
    judge convicted of racketeering and extortion
  • Day 28: 16th Street Baptist Church bombers
    Thomas Blanton Jr., Herman Frank Cash, Robert Chambliss and Bobby Frank Cherry: three convicted of murder, one never indicted
  • Day 29: Lakendall Sims
    convicted rapist who escaped from the Bessemer Courthouse while arrested for murder
  • Day 30: The HealthSouth 16
    company officials convicted of fraud, conspiracy and other crimes
  • Day 31: Birmingham mayor Larry Langford goes on federal trial, charged with bribery and conspiracy [Note: Trial moved to Tuscaloosa and delayed until Oct. 19.]

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