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  • June 1 | Primary election
  • July 13 | Primary runoff election
  • Nov. 2 | General election

Coverage: primary election

Election stories

  • May 18 | Meet your Democratic candidates for governor of Alabama
    Two men in the race for the state’s top office.
  • May 19 | Meet your Republican candidates for governor of Alabama
    Six men competing on June 1.
  • May 29 | Sample ballots for Jefferson, Shelby County primaries
    Plus, the Alabama Voter Guide 2010.
  • May 31 | Roundup of primary election picks, endorsements and predictions
    Bloggers across Alabama help you choose your candidates.
  • June 1 | Head to the polls for the primaries
    Where and when to go, plus more info for voters.
  • June 1 | Alabama primary election results
    A first look at the numbers from races across the state.
  • June 2 | The three or four white guys still running for governor of Alabama
    Recap of winners and runoff opponents from the state primary election.
  • June 3 | Why Artur Davis lost
    Democratic candidate for governor feels ‘the love’ from former supporters
  • July 12 | Runoff election preview
    Who’s running, plus sample ballots and endorsements.
  • July 13 | Alabama primary runoff election results
    The final numbers from state and metro Birmingham contests.
  • July 15 | The gubernatorial battle of the unknown unknowns
    Robert Bentley and Ron Sparks are your 2010 hopefuls to be the next governor of Alabama. Who’da thunk it back in May?

Forums and debates

  • April 12 | Jefferson County Commission candidate forums start tonight
    The Birmingham Business Alliance schedules five forums throughout the county.

Coverage: general election

Election stories

  • Oct. 27 | Sample ballots for Jefferson, Shelby County general election
    See who’s running in your district.
  • Oct. 29 | Can Facebook predict the outcome of Alabama races?
    Using Likes to determine which candidates have the edge in the general election.
  • Nov. 1 | Roundup of election picks, endorsements and predictions
    The last chance to study up on the candidates before the final vote.
  • Nov. 2 | Stop reading and go vote, or read this, then vote
    Information for voters, prepared and otherwise.
  • Nov. 2 | Alabama general election results
    The long-awaited results, plus the Facebook election predictor checks in.
  • Nov. 7 | Alabama, better off red?
    The Republicans take full control of state government for the first time in 136 years, but how much will change?

Forums and debates

  • Aug. 23 | Jefferson County Commission candidate forum, plus panel
    Catalyst is sponsoring “Birmingham: Looking Back, Moving Forward.”
  • Sept. 16 | Bentley, Sparks set to debate on campus
    Gubernatorial candidates mix it up in first of two debates on college campuses.
  • Sept. 20 | Second debate for gubernatorial hopefuls tonight at Samford
    Birmingham is home to another debate between Bentley and Sparks, plus video clips from the first debate.
  • Oct. 4 | Birmingham-Southern to host gubernatorial debate tonight
    Hopefuls to focus on economic development and business; gambling arrests may shape topics.
  • Oct. 19 | At long last, the final Bentley-Sparks debate tonight
    The nominees tangle one last time at Auburn; Bentley on the hot seat after AEA admission; video of the previous debate.
  • Oct. 26 | Wait, still time for one more gubernatorial debate tonight. Sigh.
    Bentley and Sparks have one last tumble at Athens State; video clips from the Auburn debate.

Candidates — Governor

Candidates — Jefferson County Commission

Incumbents in bold.

District 1


  • Kamau Afrika
  • Johnathan Austin
  • Willie Barnes
  • George Bowman
  • Willie Hardley
  • Rodney Huntley
  • Orville Ifill
  • Cyrondys Jackson
  • Michael R. Jordan
  • Christopher Talley


  • Greg Stanley

District 2


  • Sandra Little Brown
  • Willie Florence
  • Michael Miller
  • Gary Richardson
  • Steve Small
  • Iva Williams

District 3


  • Vivian Ford
  • Charles Jaeger
  • Ron Yarbrough


  • Bobby Humphryes
  • Jay Miller
  • Lisa Strawbridge Pack
  • David Alan Phillips
  • James A. Stephens

District 4


  • Roy Wood


  • Ronnie Dixon
  • Jim Gunter
  • Ed Henson
  • Joe Knight
  • Wayne Taylor

District 5


  • Jim Atkinson
  • David Carrington
  • Steve Duncan

Candidates — Jefferson County Sheriff

Incumbents in bold.


  • Wallace Anger
  • Ron Blankenship
  • Willie Hill


  • Mike Hale
  • Jim Woodward

Candidates — Jefferson County judicial

Incumbents in bold.

Circuit Court Judge (by place)

  • 2: Laura Petro (D)
  • 3: David Carpenter (D), Alfred Bahakel (R)
  • 4: Helen Shores Lee (D), Chuck Hunter (R)
  • 12: Pamela Wilson Cousins (D), Dan King III (D), Annetta Verin (D), Virginia Meigs (R)
  • 14: Clyde Jones (D), Patricia Stephens (D)
  • 17: Peter Johnson Davis (D), Kenya Lavender Marshall (D), Nicole “Nikki” Still (D)
  • 19: David Hobdy (D)
  • 20: Phillip Bahakel (D), Agnes Chappell (D), R. Leland Lee Lesley (D), Gerri Robinson (D), Julie Palmer (R), Lee Brannon Powell (R)
  • 21: Robert “Bob” Vance (D)
  • 22: Caryl Privett (D)
  • 23: Alfred T. Newell (D), Carnella Greene Norman (D), Denise Pomeroy (D), Dorothea Batiste (R)
  • 24: Amber Ladner (D), Stephen Wallace (D), Gloria Bahakel (R)
  • 25: Eugene Verin (D)
  • 26: Tommy Nail (D)

District Court Judge (by place)

  • 4: Sheldon “Shelly” Watkins (D)
  • 5: John “Jack” Lowther (D)
  • 7: Robert “Bobby” Bynon (D)
  • 10: Lynniece Washington (D), Edward Vines (R)
  • 11: Eric Fancher (D)

District Attorney

  • Countywide: Theodore Lawson (D),  Brandon Falls (R)
  • Bessemer: Arthur Green (D)

Circuit Clerk (Bessemer)

  • Benny R. Watson (D), James O. Rice (R)

Candidates — Shelby County

Incumbents in bold.


  • Ken Bailey
  • Chris Curry

Superintendent of Education

  • Randy Fuller

School Board (by place)

  • 1: Jane Evans Hampton, David Nichols
  • 2: Nicke James Gaspers, Anne Glass, Aubrey Miller


  • Diana Hawkins

Where to vote

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Wade on Birmingham - Vote 2010 - RSS feedSubscribe to the RSS feed for ongoing coverage of Vote 2010 from Wade on Birmingham.

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