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How J.T. became a hero:
relive his championship 2009 season
on ‘Survivor: Tocantins’

James Thomas, Jr., J.T. - Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

James “J.T.” Thomas, Jr. of Mobile returns to
“Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” to try for
a second $1 million grand prize.

Can J.T. pull off a second win? James Thomas, Jr., the cattle rancher from Mobile and Samson, is part of the 20-member all-star cast of “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.”

He won the $1 million grand prize in 2009 on “Survivor: Tocantins – The Brazilian Highlands.” For this 20th season, the CBS reality show takes place in Samoa, placing the returning players into either the Heroes or Villains tribe. J.T. is part of the Heroes team.

Wade on Birmingham provided features and weekly recaps of the reality competition, which debuted Feb. 11, 2010.


  • Jan. 7 | ‘Survivor’ champ James ‘J.T.’ Thomas Jr. returns for ‘Heroes vs. Villains’
    J.T. part of an all-star cast for the 20th season.
  • May 17 | Dumbest. Move. Ever.
    How J.T. went from champ to chump with one bad decision.

Episode recaps

  • Episode 1 | Feb. 11: Sweet and sour
    A 2-hour premiere reveals J.T.’s alliances and strategy for another $1 million.
  • Episode 2 | Feb. 18: Terminal crybabyitis
    Boston Rob takes a tumble; J.T. faces an early tough decision.
  • Episode 3 | Feb. 25: What’s the matter with misfits?
    All Parvati, all the time.
  • Episode 4 | March 4: Splitsville
    Unleash the idols! Also, J.T. weighs his alliances.
  • Episode 5 | March 11: Knee-to-know basis
    James takes a knee; Russell finds an idol; alliances court J.T. again.
  • Episode 6 | March 24: Big men off campus
    Heroes debate James’ viability; Villains attempt to flush out an idol.
  • Episode 7 | April 1: Small soldiers
    Heroes unite; Boston Rob and Russell head to a showdown.
  • Episode 8 | April 8: How to train your dragonslayer
    J.T. hunts for an immunity idol; the Villains hunt each other.
  • Episode 9 | April 15: Million dollar bye-bye
    Did J.T. just hand a million bucks to the Villains?
  • Episode 10 | April 22: Double dealing
    J.T. fights against the “craziest move ever” within his merged tribe.

Episode previews

  • Episode 1 | Feb. 11: A hero’s return
    J.T. heads to Samoa for repeat glory.
  • Episode 2 | Feb. 18: Sleeping on the job
    Boston Rob goes down; did J.T. and Sugar have a pre-show merge?
  • Episode 3 | Feb. 25: A grave situation
    One James melts down; both Jameses are in trouble.
  • Episode 4 | March 4: Pocket full of immunity
    The hunt begins for the hidden immunity idols; Coach cries and cries.
  • Episode 5 | March 11: Small flips and big flops
    Russell goes into scheming overdrive; James could be down for the count.
  • Episode 6 | March 24: Fleeing double
    Surprise double elimination sends both tribes scrambling.
  • Episode 7 | April 1: James goes, but James stays
    It’s all up to Colby now. Wait, really? Plus, Boston Rob senses an opportunity.
  • Episode 8 | April 8: Villains vs. villains
    Heroes are thinking momentum; Villains are thinking merge.
  • Episode 9 | April 15: Does J.T. stand for Just Thick?
    The Heroes might just give away their only hidden immunity idol … to Russell?!
  • Episode 10 | April 22: Five by five
    Five Heroes and five Villains enter the merge, but one side is holding all the idols.

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