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Season finale live blog
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Debra Beebe and James Thomas, Jr. - Survivor: Tocantins

It’s Alabamian vs. Alabamian in “Survivor: Tocantins.”
Debra “Debbie” Beebe of Auburn and James “J.T.” Thomas Jr.
of Mobile compete for the $1 million grand prize.

Alabama sent two competitors to Brazil to compete for $1 million. Debra Beebe and James Thomas, Jr. are part of the 16-member cast for “Survivor: Tocantins – The Brazilian Highlands.”

The CBS reality show strands contestants in remote parts of the world to form tribes battling for rewards and immunity.

Wade on Birmingham provided features and weekly recaps of the reality competition, which debuted Feb. 12, 2009.


  • Jan. 15 | Alabamians to compete on ‘Survivor’
    Meet the two contestants, a middle school principal and a cattle rancher.
  • March 20 | Behind the scenes
    Bonus videos show life at Timbira and Jalapao with J.T. and Debbie, plus how the opening credits come together.
  • May 8 | The Debra Beebe interview
    Debbie talks about the high points, the low points, her allies and what’s next.
  • May 17 | Alabama native J.T. wins ‘Survivor: Tocantins’
    After 39 days in the wilds of Brazil, James Thomas Jr. takes home the $1 million prize.
  • May 18 | The James “J.T.” Thomas interview
    The champion discusses his winning strategy and losing weight.

Episode recaps

  • Episode 1 | Feb. 12: At first glance
    Game on in Brazil, as the players are polled fresh off the truck.
  • Episode 2 | Feb. 19: Work shall make you free
    J.T. makes a friend; Debbie almost stumbles upon the Hidden Immunity Idol.
  • Episode 3 | Feb. 26: Tastes like victory
    Debbie calls the shots; J.T. reels in the medium ones.
  • Episode 4 | March 5: Beauty or the beast
    J.T. carries serious weight for his team; Debbie keeps ’em smiling.
  • Episode 5 | March 12: Tooth or consequences
    Debbie schemes with Coach; J.T. breaks a tooth.
  • Episode 6 | March 25: Two weeks unnoticed
    The obligatory clip show, as told in photos. Plus, full episode video.
  • Episode 7 | April 2: An idol a day
    Taj calls the shots; plus, a third(!) Hidden Immunity Idol?
  • Episode 8 | April 9: What has 10 heads and 19 legs?
    Tribes merge, but will all the scheming in the world be undone by one player’s misfortune?
  • Episode 9 | April 16: Be the wizard
    Can J.T. survive if the ex-Timbirans go after each other?
  • Episode 10 | April 23: I just threw up on my feet
    J.T. holds yet another pivotal vote. Does his decision blindside another player?
  • Episode 11 | April 30: Girl fight
    Debbie fights for her life.
  • Episode 12 | May 7: Debbie does desperation
    Will Debbie turn on Coach, her ally since Day 3?
  • Episode 13 | May 14: The last of the Timbirans
    Has time run out for the last two ex-Timbira members Erinn and Coach?
  • Episode 14 | May 17: Finale live blog
    Can J.T. take home the $1 million grand prize?

Episode previews

  • Episode 1 | Feb. 12: Debut tonight
    More on the Alabama contestants, and video previews, including host Jeff Probst’s assessments.
  • Episode 2 | Feb. 19: One shot changes everything
    Quickie video preview, plus last week’s recap from Jeff Probst.
  • Episode 3 | Feb. 26: Probst’s favorite player
    Jeff reveals one of his all-time favorite players and gives J.T. a nickname.
  • Episode 4 | March 5: Lead, follow or get in the way
    Jeff hints at a game-changing alliance.
  • Episode 5 | March 12: Taj in charge
    Will Taj’s temper get the best of her?
  • Episode 6 | March 25: Jump right in
    Everything you may have missed already, in handy clip show format.
  • Episode 7 | no preview
  • Episode 8 | April 9: Caution, merge ahead
    Two tribes become one, but will it spell the end of the outnumbered Jalapao?
  • Episode 9 | April 16: Living out loud
    Who has the biggest mouths in Forza? Coach and Erinn.
  • Episode 10 | April 23: Sierra missed?
    With her ally gone, can Sierra survive the wrath of Tyson?
  • Episode 11 | April 30: On the hot seat
    Debbie worries she’s a sitting duck.
  • Episode 12 | May 7: The wizards of bids
    The most extreme auction ever. Really.
  • Episode 13 | May 14: A little (more) Debbie
    All about Debra Beebe. Plus looking ahead to the live finale blog.
  • Episode 14 | no preview

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