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The Amazing Race 10

karlyn and lyn

An ‘Amazing’ finish: from left, host Phil Keoghan, Birmingham’s Lyn Turk and Karlyn Harris, Rob Diaz, Kimberly Chabollla, Tyler Denk and James Branaman, all from Los Angeles.

Where in the world are Karlyn Harris and Lyn Turk? The pair competed against 11 teams in a 40,000-mile, 13-country quest for $1 million on “The Amazing Race.” In its 10th edition, the CBS show had its first Alabama team — both are from the Birmingham area.

The duo made show history as the first all-female team to complete the entire race.

Wade on Birmingham provided full coverage of the reality competition, which aired in fall 2006.


  • July 16 | The world is waiting
    Meet Karlyn and Lyn, and see where they may be headed
  • Sept. 16 | Travel safe
    10 reasons to watch this season

Episode recaps

  • Sept. 17 | Chinese takeouts
    Seattle to Beijing: 12 teams, double elimination
  • Sept. 24 | Mongol fever
    Beijing to Ulan Bator, Mongolia: 10 teams
  • Oct. 1 | Heading to Hanoi
    Ulan Bator, Mongolia to Vác, Vietnam: nine teams
  • Oct. 8 | Rowing in circles
    Vác, Vietnam, to Ha Long Bay, Vietnam: eight teams
  • Oct. 15 | Curry-up offense
    Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, to Chennai, India: seven teams
  • Oct. 22 | Reversal of fortune
    Chennai, India, to Kuwait City: seven teams
  • Oct. 29 | Pack and forth
    Kuwait City to Mauritius: six teams
  • Nov. 5 | Mad-at-ungassed-car
    Mauritius to Antananarivo, Madagascar: six teams
  • Nov. 12 | Hustle to the Finnish
    Antananarivo, Madagascar, to Helsinki, Finland: five teams
  • Nov. 19 | Chokin’ Kiev
    Helsinki, Finland, to Kiev, Ukraine: five teams
  • Nov. 26 | Morocco, mo’ problems
    Kiev, Ukraine, to Ouarzazate, Morocco: four teams
  • Dec. 3 | The reign in Spain
    Ouarzazate, Morocco, to Barcelona, Spain: four teams
  • Dec. 10 | French miss
    Barcelona, Spain, to Garrison, N.Y.: three teams


  • Dec. 15 | Karlyn’s real-life Roadblock
    House burglarized shortly before season finale aired

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