Wade on Birmingham

The Future of Birmingham

The Future of Birmingham


The Future of Birmingham is a 26-part series and companion ebook that explores the city’s history, transformation and next steps. This special report marks the 10th anniversary of Wade on Birmingham. Published September-October 2015.

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  • Day 1 | Modest Incremental Improvement
    Karl Seitz kicks off the series with a hard look at what’s holding Birmingham back.
  • Day 2 | TBD
    Carrie Rollwagen says the best way to honor our tragic past is to be involved in civic matters.
  • Day 3 | Pride
    Johnathan Austin on how city government is working on a better tomorrow.
  • Day 4 | XX
    Who run the world? Girls! Or, as Wade Kwon explains, it should be here in Birmingham.
  • Day 5 | Of Passing Concern
    Chris Mitchell makes bold predictions in every direction.
  • Day 6 | Festive
    Teresa Zúñiga Odom shows how a festival really pulls a community together.
  • Day 7 | Half-Full
    How Angie Cleland got her groove back.
  • Day 8 | 101
    A special edition of Wade’s 101.
  • Day 9 | Collaboration
    Photo essay: Christine Prichard on how working in tandem brings big rewards.
  • Day 10 | Compassion
    Joey Kennedy shows how our society is judged on how well we treat our animals.
  • Day 11 | In Technicolor
    Candie A. Price sees a vision that is simultaneously candy-colored, boisterous and lush.
  • Day 12 | Brighter Than Ever
    Rod Walker says the people are finally starting to shed the inferiority complex that so many have felt for so long.
  • Day 13 | A Media Wasteland
    Wade Kwon explains how a haven for media has turned into a smoking crater, growing larger each year.
  • Day 14 | Food
    Ike Pigott reflects on how food can bring us together after being divided for eras.
  • Day 15 | Ambitious
    Caperton Gillett highlights one group who’s missing out on the Birmingham renaissance: the poor.
  • Day 16 | Crowdsourced Responses
    We asked, you @replied.
  • Day 17 | Big Ideas
    Hugh Hunter stresses a need for more community partnerships between business and government to seize on visionary opportunities.
  • Day 18 | Slow and Steady
    Jackie Lo sees a more progressive city in all facets down the road.
  • Day 19 | An Unwritten Verse
    Kenn McCracken tracks the city’s blossoming music scene, with the next stanza yet to be composed.
  • Day 20 | 5-7-5
    A parable in haiku.
  • Day 21 | Familiar
    Transplant Bertha Hidalgo has come to love Birmingham even while adjusting to Southern life.
  • Day 22 | Cultural Mining
    Charles Buchanan looks to the past for Birmingham’s biggest opportunities to stand out.
  • Day 23 | Artful
    Jess Simpson explains how our creative capital can make the arts scene and an entire city flourish.
  • Day 24 | Strong Leadership
    Wade Kwon makes the case for strong leadership to guide the city from its morass of potential and indecision.
  • Day 25 | DIY
    Jen Barnett shares what she’s learned from starting businesses in Birmingham.
  • Day 26 | Regaining Our Self-Esteem
    James Spann wants the city to be brimming with confidence about all the positive steps we take together.

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