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Vote 2006

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Continuing coverage of Alabama’s 2006 elections:

  • June 6 | Ballot bungle
    It’s every voter’s headache and every candidate’s nightmare: ballot problems
  • June 7 | Denial, denial, denial
    being in denial about gay marriage, over-the-top judges and Aryan supporters
  • June 7 | Politics as usual
    Riley, Baxley win party noms for governor; amendment banning gay marriage passes handily
  • June 29 | Siegelman and Scrushy guilty
    Don Siegelman went from governor to acquitted defendant to losing gubernatorial nominee to convicted criminal
  • The strange saga of House District 54 …
    Lesbian wins!
    | Both candidates disqualified! | Lesbian still wins!
  • Oct. 30 | The Riley-Baxley debate, a live blog
    The sole gubernatorial debate between Bob Riley and Lucy Baxley
  • Nov. 5 | Procrastinators’ Guide to Tuesday
    Before you vote, learn something about the candidates, like their names and stuff

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