Wade on Birmingham

Vote 2007

Continuing coverage of Birmingham’s 2007 elections from Wade on Birmingham. Nine candidates are running for mayor, and District 3 votes on a replacement for a vacated Birmingham school board.



  • April 23 | Abbott to run for mayor
    Exclusive: Councilor Valerie Abbott enters the race.
  • June 4 | Busy signal
    Jefferson County Commissioner Larry Langford begins his run with a massive phone drive.
  • July 26 | Mayoral forum the first
    The candidates convene for the first forum of the campaign season.
  • Aug. 22 | Mayoral forum on homelessness
    Five candidates discuss visions and strategies for homeless citizens; includes podcasts.
  • Sept. 18 | All talk
    See and hear the candidates in three-forum, three-day marathon.
  • Oct. 9 | Langford vs. Cooper vs. eight losers
    Will it come down to the brash politico vs. the attorney/outsider?
  • Oct. 9 | Mayor Langford, we presume
    Larry Langford becomes mayor by a hair

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