Wade on Birmingham

Vote 2008

Continuing coverage of state and national elections from Wade on Birmingham. The ballot includes President, one Senator and seven Representatives.


  • Jan. 25 | Voter registration deadline. Register at:
  • Jan. 31 | Absentee ballot registration deadline.
  • Feb. 4 | Absentee ballots must be postmarked by this date.
  • Feb. 5 | Alabama presidential preference primary election
  • June 3 | Alabama primaries
  • July 15 | Alabama primary election runoffs
  • Aug. 26 | Municipal elections
  • Oct. 7 | Municipal election runoffs
  • Nov. 4 | Election Day

Candidates for President


  • Jan. 17 | Choose and/or lose
    Which presidential candidate fits your beliefs? Find out
  • Jan. 22 | Dixie goes down
    Sheffield native Fred Thompson drops out of the presidential race
  • Jan. 25 | One-two punch
    Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama hit Birmingham campuses in weekend barnstorming
  • Jan. 28 | Weekend warriors
    Video highlights of Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama in Birmingham
  • Jan. 29 | And bringing up the rear …
    John Edwards plans return visit to Birmingham
  • Jan. 30 | Straight talk ingress, plus Edwards out
    John McCain heading to town; John Edwards ends bid
  • Jan. 31 | Bringing RazorBack
    Bill Clinton coming to stump for Hillary; Mike Huckabee returns for more events
  • Feb. 1 | Last call for candidates
    The final push is on before Super Duper Tuesday
  • Feb. 4 | Before the booth
    Make sure you’re ready to hit the polls with this Q and A
  • Feb. 5 | Time to go
    The (first) primary has arrived
  • Feb. 5 | Huckabee, Obama win Alabama
    Plus, a new Jefferson County Commissioner
  • April 21 | McCain visits two Alabamas
    Republican nominee John McCain tours Black Belt, hits Birmingham-area fund-raisers
  • June 2 | Of primary concern
    Before you vote in the state primary, brush up on your candidates and ballots.
  • June 3 | Time to go again
    The next primary has begun.
  • June 3 | Surprisingly, incumbents win
    Sessions to face Figures in fall showdown for Senate seat; Obama makes history.
  • Aug. 26 | Town by town
    Forty cities in Jefferson and Shelby Counties hold their municipal elections.
  • Aug. 27 | Mayors old and new
    Mayoral incumbents ousted; new officials to take office Nov. 3.
  • Sept. 21 | Vice President Cheney hits Huntsville
    Fund-raising visit nets half-million dollars for Republican congressional candidates.
  • Oct. 21 | Last chance to register, plus sample ballots
    Find out how to register to vote before deadline, and see the ballot you’ll be using Nov. 4. Plus, mayoral race results across the area.
  • Oct. 26 | Alabama newspapers endorse Obama by 2-1 margin
    McCain will likely win Alabama’s nine electoral votes, but state newspapers have come out strongly in favor of Obama.
  • Nov. 3 | Spend your Election Night with Our Live Blog
    You’ve cast your vote, now it’s time to celebrate the results. Join us online for the biggest Election Night party.
  • Nov. 4 | Your guide to Election Day
    Find your polling place; see the sample ballots; read the newspaper endorsements; know who to contact about ballot and polling place problems.
  • Nov. 4 | Midday video break
    Three videos to keep you entertained while in line at the polls, or just waiting for the results to come in …
  • Nov. 4 | Live blog, Election Night
    A four-and-a-half hour event, covering the results and more from this historic night.
  • Nov. 5 | Alabama results
    The major results in national and state races from a groundbreaking election.
  • Nov. 17 | The Obama Effect in Alabama
    Notes from Condoleeza Rice, from George Wallace’s daughter, from political experts and from voters.

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