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Taylor Hicks

Taylor Hicks

Taylor Hicks wins ‘American Idol’ on May 24, 2006.

Birmingham native Taylor Hicks won the fifth season of Fox’s reality TV competition, “American Idol” on May 24, 2006. Along the way, he turned fans of the show into devoted members of the Soul Patrol.

Wade on Birmingham followed his rise to national stardom during the four months leading up to his victory. The nearly 30 stories and special features — including weekly show recaps and exclusive interviews — show how the Soul Man became the newest Idol.

Stories and interviews | Special features | Episode recaps

Stories and interviews

  • Feb. 17: Soul man
    In this exclusive interview, Hicks talks about his soul style, his favorite artists and his plans for impressing Simon Cowell
  • Feb. 28: Take 2
    Hicks discusses what he’d be doing if he weren’t on “Idol” and his dating situation
  • March 17: Gray-haired Hicks brings soul to ‘Idol’
    One of the first profiles on Hicks syndicated nationally (on Scripps Howard News Service), with a list of selected sites that carried it [Hicks’ bio on Wikipedia uses this article as a reference]
  • May 11: Escape from L.A.
    Hicks returns to Birmingham for a promotional visit
  • May 19: The latest from Hollywood
    Hicks talks about the next record, his dream woman and the call of the road
  • May 21: Friend or McPhoe
    Katharine McPhee, Hicks’ competitor in the finale, talks about the show, the future and her struggles with weight
  • May 24: American Idol
    Hicks defeats Katharine McPhee to become the second Birmingham resident to win
  • May 26: Idol interview
    Hicks discusses winning and future plans

Special features

  • Feb. 16: Hicks in ’06
    Hicks makes the cut for “Idol”
  • May 16: Escape from L.A. showcase
    Hicks’ hometown visit in photos and videos
  • May 21: Soul memories
    A video tribute featuring Hicks’ Top 10 moments from the season
  • May 25: Soul news day
    Hicks’ victory makes front-page news across North America [full gallery of almost 200 newspaper fronts]
  • June 17: Hicks performs at Birmingham’s City Stages 2006 with Snoop Dogg.
  • June 18: Hicks performs at Birmingham’s City Stages 2006 with the Little Memphis Blues Orchestra.
  • Aug. 8: A preview of the American Idol concert in Birmingham.
  • Dec. 11: A review of label debut CD, “Taylor Hicks.”

Episode recaps

  • Feb. 22: 12 anguished men
    (12 male finalists)
  • March 1: It’s raining 10
    (10 male finalists)
  • March 8: Eight men on
    (eight male finalists)
  • March 14: Wonder dozen
    (12 finalists, Stevie Wonder theme/guest)
  • March 21: This one goes to 11
    (11 finalists, ’50s theme, Barry Manilow)
  • March 28: And now, your moment of 10
    (10 finalists, 21st-century theme)
  • April 4: Walk the nine
    (nine finalists, country theme, Kenny Rogers)
  • April 11: Eight under pressure
    (eight finalists, Queen theme/guest)
  • April 18: Seven up
    (seven finalists, classic songbook theme, Rod Stewart)
  • April 25: Six appeal
    (six finalists, love songs theme, Andrea Bocelli, David Foster)
  • May 2: Cinco de Idol
    (five finalists, two songs each, Billboard/birth year theme)
  • May 9: Four Kings
    (four finalists, two songs each, Elvis theme, Tommy Mottola)
  • May 16: Three-for-all
    (three finalists, three songs each, Clive Davis)
  • May 23: Dueling duo
    (two finalists, three songs each)

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