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Tuesday Night Lights: Won hundred


The Hoover Bucs: scary on the field? Sure. Scary in practice? Sometimes.

Scarily dramatic? Yawn. “Two-a-Days” without drama is just a bunch of kids sorta staying out of trouble and leading humdrum lives on camera. Halloween week brings few tricks and sad little treats, including Coach Propst chasing his 100th victory. Or his 100th burrito. We lose count.


Flower power.

Highlights from episode 4, season 2 of the MTV reality series …


Kristen is a tater hater.

Dinner for six: The girls cook for the guys, except for the steaks on the grill (that’s man’s work). And they talk with their mouths full (ew!).

It’s all a setup for the ongoing estrangement between Mark and Brittany. He wants to watch the game; she leaves him alone. Drama!


Three paces behind: Shannon and Brandon hit the hall.

The outsider: More camera time for Brandon, the senior receiver transfer to Hoover who still can’t sync up with Ross the quarterback. First, he makes a Halloween trip to Sloss Fright Furnace with Shannon — he says they’re just “hanging out” friends, nothing more.

He gets the digits from another PYT at school, again with the “Shannon is just my friend” story. Smooth.

He has the weekly (fake) convo about how he and Ross still need to talk and work out a system. Good grief, it’ll be fourth quarter of the state championship game before they, you know, do it.

But he manages to get with the program, earning rare praise from Coach Propst during a good practice.



Stop. Banner time! Our favorite cheerleading coach is back! Shane Martin pulls the squad together for the classic “I’m not dying, but still treasure each moment” speech, since the last regular season home game has arrived. Plus, a win would mark Coach Propst’s 100th victory (or did we already mention that?). Do. Not. Cry. (You promised yourself.) The occasion calls for the ultimate tribute: a hand-drawn banner from the cheerleaders.

What, no cookie cakes?


In math class, Mark solves the equation …


… What is the cosine of idiot?

Charlie’s angles: Oh, Charlie, will you ever learn? Bickering with Kristen at the dance and afterwards. Hanging out after the 10 p.m.(!) team curfew, then getting spotted by Propst cruising the malls in his pickup (which gets our vote for scariest Halloween event).

The scamp is called into Propst’s office, held up as an example as how this year’s class is much much worse than last year’s bunch. Wha? At least he brings the discipline and the tough love and the yelling. The empowering, expletive-laden yelling.


Vote for Summer.


Hello, 1991!

Hell freezes over: It’s our team vs. the Oak Mountain Eagles for Senior Night. The graduating players bring flowers for their mamas. Brandon makes a spectacular catch. Charlie hauls in his share of touchdown passes. And Oak Mountain is clobbered, 42-20.

Propst, who said earlier the game would either be his 10th career loss or 100th victory, basks in the moment. That, and the vicarious adulation of parents.


A banner moment; Propst marks 100 wins with a vow to
‘write the next 100 victories in the blood of the infidels of 6A.’


“Two-a-Days” airs at 9 p.m. Tuesdays on MTV, repeating throughout the week and available for free online.

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Dude, more “Two-a-Days.”

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