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Krista on ‘Survivor: Redemption Island’: The taste of bittersweet


Episode 4 recap


Krista Klumpp, Stephanie Valencia, Survivor: Redemption Island

Beach bunnies: Krista Klumpp, foreground, and Stephanie Valencia
enjoy their moment in the sun on “Survivor: Redemption Island.”

Krista Klumpp is in trouble with capital “trouble.”

Survivor: Redemption IslandThe Fairhope native aligned with returning villain Russell Hantz early on “Survivor: Redemption Island.” Now, she and her ally Stephanie Valencia face a hostile majority on their own Zapatera tribe.

Meanwhile, Russell has his hands full at Redemption Island against defending loser Matt Elrod.

Who’s testing their alliance? Who has a new hidden immunity idol? And who’s crying now?

Find out after the jump …

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Krista Klumpp, Stephanie Valencia, Survivor: Redemption Island

We are not above running multiple bikini shots.

Video: Krista and Stephanie are caught on the outside of Zapatera.

Krista Klumpp, Survivor: Redemption Island

Troubled in paradise: Krista Klumpp is down one ally.

Krista says: “I’m bummed, but I’ve got to put a game face on.”

Video: The aftermath of the Redemption Island challenge.

A game of dominoes: Redemption Island has been the site of such legendary battles as Matt vs. what’s-her-name. And well, that’s it.

Russell and Matt will race to set up a domino run while avoiding tripwires that cause the blocks to fall early. The first to successfully knock over the dominos to trigger a tile-shattering ball wins more time on the show.

Russell Hantz, Survivor: Redemption Island

Your tears are so delicious: Russell Hantz loses big.

Matt again wins the challenge, putting Russell in tears. But he won’t go down without a rant.

He calls out former tribesmate Ralph Kiser, who came to watch along with Sarita White for Zapatera. Ralph brags that he found the hidden immunity idol and is just about to show if off when Sarita cautions him.

Russell Hantz, Phillip Sheppard, Kristina Kell, Sarita White, Ralph Kiser, Survivor: Redemption Island
Top: Russell bounces back, telling all in front of host Jeff Probst.
Middle: Sarita White and Ralph Kiser of Zapatera are outed
as manipulators. Bottom: Phillip Sheppard and Kristina Kell
listen intently.

The two Ometepe observers, Kristina Kell and Phillip Sheppard, learn everything they need to know. And Russell becomes the second contestant to exit the game.

Hello, drama!

Rob Mariano, Survivor: Redemption Island

Up a tree: “Boston Rob” Mariano finds his long-lost love,
the hidden immunity idol.

The last bad man standing: “Boston Rob” Mariano steers his remaining Ometepes to the beach so he can sneak off to look for the hidden immunity idol. And he finds it up a tree.

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When Phillip and Kristina return, Phillip decides to try and use the new info to secure his standing with Boston Rob and save Kristina.

Rob Mariano, Phillip Sheppard, Grant Mattos, Survivor: Redemption Island

Conspiracy theory: From right, Phillip tells Boston Rob
and Grant Mattos his plan to save Kristina.

Which, of course, sets off Boston Rob.

Don’t cross the Robfather, baby.

Survivor: Redemption Island

Tool time: Tribes race to finish the immunity/reward challenge.

Immunity/reward challenge: Tribes use one tool to get another tool and on and on till they end up with broken tiles and a toolbox on a table. Reward is a feast.

Krista sits out for Zapatera.

But they don’t need her, winning a fairly close race. Zapatera returns to its victorious ways, and Krista is safe.

Krista Klumpp, Ralph Kiser, Survivor: Redemption Island

Krista cheers the Zapatera victory, while Ralph crows mightily.

Krista Klumpp, Stephanie Valencia, Survivor: Redemption Island

The obligatory shot of the winning tribe eating.

Krista Klumpp, Ralph Kiser, Survivor: Redemption Island

Bad touch: Krista is about to touch Ralph’s wiener.
(We are 5 years old.)

Voted out: Ometepe will either vote out the annoying Phillip or the conniving Kristina. Both have been on the periphery of the tribe.

Boston Rob tests control of his alliance by ordering them to send three votes to Kristina and two to Phillip.

At Tribal Council, Phillip and Kristina call each other out. In the end, Boston Rob remains squarely in control, as Kristina Kell, the law student from Malibu, Calif., is sent to Redemption Island by a vote of 4-3.

Kristina Kell, Survivor: Redemption Island

Fourth out: Ometepe ousts Kristina 4-3.

Is Krista doing enough to save her hide? What should be her next move? Sound off in the comments.

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“Survivor: Redemption Island” airs at 7 p.m. Wednesdays on on CBS 42.

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