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Four more flamed: Four more churches were found today destroyed by fire, 60 miles west of five torched churches in Bibb County last week. Officials have no suspects or motives. Of the 59 church fires in the past five years, a third were ruled arson. The nine fires in the past week are assumed to be related and likely arson.
• Alabama church fire probe spreads to four more on rural roads [Associated Press]

Get on the bus: Parents in Bessemer won’t have to wonder if the school bus is running late anymore, thanks to new GPS units on all 27 buses. The gadgets, at a cost of $38,000, will show where buses are in real time. But this is kinda scary: Director of transportation Joey Sims said, “Next year, we can start tracking each student who rides the bus. We can scan each student’s ID card as he enters and departs the bus, and we’ll be able to tell whether they got on or off the bus.” Guess the tracking chips in the brain can’t be too far behind …
• Bessemer buses to get GPS [Birmingham News]

Bloggergate: Looking for a little companionship? One sexy DC insider describes herself as “single, straight and a Scorpio” and even posted a photo with her bare midriff (heavens!) on the Internet. At least, until 34-year-old Stormie Janzen had to tone it down. Why? Because, by day, she’s the scheduler for Sen. Jeff Sessions, and her MySpace blog had the potential for embarrassment. Heck, if her pornish name didn’t bring shame, why should her (now-restricted) blog? At 34, she’s way too old for Internet predators anyway. Besides, only losers hang out on MySpace.
• Sessions’ aide revealed on sexy Internet diary [Montgomery Advertiser]


  • Imposter groundhog ruins winter, spring for Birminghamians
  • Mailman bites tongue over Dora bachelor’s magazines, Netflix choices
  • “World’s Greatest Redneck” mug shaped more like moonshine flask

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