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Wednesday Night Lights: Tuscalosers


It’s not just a 27-game winning streak on the line. For the Hoover Bucs, hopes and dreams of playing in college are resting on their young shoulders.

This week’s “Two-a-Days” is a battle of the ages … until next week’s battle of the ages.


Propst: You’re not good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people hate you.

Highlights from episode 3 of the MTV reality series …

Daddy’s boys: Max and his dad visit Southern Miss to check out the team on game day. Repete and his dad talk about whether the move to Hoover in 2001 and the hard work will pay off. It’s all about getting a college scholarship and playing ball at the next level. Before that can happen, they’re concerned about doing well in front of the scouts each Friday. Would it help if Coach gave you a hug?

To have and have not: After another so-so practice, Coach Propst reminds players that he’s the key to their football futures. One word from him can make the difference between suiting up and washing out in college. We call this “foreshadowing.”

We call this ironic foreshadowing: Propst: “All of a sudden things are starting to come together. Friday night (against Tuscaloosa County), we’re gonna turn it loose and play well.” Way to jinx the team.

The Gospel of the Gridiron: WWJD? Option slant right, on three! In church, Terry Slay, team chaplain, offers spiritual guidance to these young men: “You must be extremely aggressive tonight. Play hard, play fast. Get up in their grill. Stick one in their earhole. Knock. Them Off. Their. Feet. (edit) God bless every one of you.” Win, or Jesus will cry.

Jesus wept: Hoover is outplayed. At the half, it’s 27-14 Tuscaloosa County, with Propst telling the team to “get yo ass in there, lazy piece of (bleep).” “That’s the worst of job of defensive football I have witnessed since I’ve been at Hoover High School.”

Before it’s over, more interceptions, more missed tackles and quarterback Ross is knocked into next week (and heads to the hospital with a possible concussion). The streak ends at 27.

Propst adds a cheery coda: “That’s the worst job of football I’ve seen in Hoover since I’ve been here. You are an embarrassment to this program. I ain’t recommending nobody to nobody. Y’all screwed it up. Now you go back to my brand of football. Come Sunday, you wanna talk about Hell Week? I’ll see you Sunday.” The final … 39-28.

“Two-a-Days” airs at 9:30 p.m. Wednesdays on MTV, repeating throughout the week and available for free online.

Next episode: Time for the second-string QB to (wait for it) step up. Plus, who’s going with whom to Homecoming?


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Dude, more “Two-a-Days.”

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