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Sidewalk 2006: Off and running


Ten reasons to check out the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, which kicks off its eighth annual event tonight at the Alabama Theatre …

wild sweet orange

Wild Sweet Orange plays at 1 p.m. Sunday at the Sidewalk Music Cafe at Speakeasy 1920.

1. Pick from 144 movies (we counted). Docs, features, shorts and kids’ films. If you like movies (and we love movies), you’re in for a treat. Your custom schedule is a click away.

2. Performances on Saturday and Sunday from Bo Butler and the Niceboys, The Exhibit(s), Mark Geary, The Saturdays, The Stalls, Wild Sweet Orange and David Wingo. Just show your ticket or pass at the Sidewalk Music Café at Speakeasy 1920, 1920 Third Ave. N.

3. Good exercise, part 1: Venues offer ample walking between the Birmingham Museum of Art on Eighth Avenue North to the Alabama Theatre on Third. From the Carver on 17th Street to Safari Cup on Richard Arrington Boulevard. Roughly 30 blocks of foot-blistering fun.

4. Good exercise, part 2: Form a team to play Urban Reversi, which, from what we can tell, is less taxing than cracking the Da Vinci Code. Plus, if you win, you receive … um, fresh air and stronger muscles?

5. Tickets are still reasonably priced: $10 for tonight’s opener, “The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang” ($13 at the door); $25 for a Saturday-Sunday pass; and $7 per movie ($15 for three).

6. Learn from the experts for free at the SideTalk panels. They’re all Saturday and Sunday at the Harbert Center, 2019 Fourth Ave. N. You can even learn from the industry professionals one on one on Sunday, and it’s free.

7. Rumor has it that Safari Cup Coffee, 300 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd., is showing local films, though we’ve yet to see a lineup. We’ve also heard that Saturday evening spots are still available to show whatever movie (up to 15 minutes) you want: demos, trailers, clips, actor’s reel, failed screen test, whatever.

8. Really, the reason to go see any movie these days: a cameo by yours truly. Worth every penny.

9. If you need a break from Sidewalk, distractions are in easy reach:

10. The forecast calls for thunderstorms during the weekend. Tonight, 73; Saturday, 86/70; Sunday, 79/56. Why not stay inside and see a movie or 12?

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