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Patchwork problems: As you sew, so shall you weep. Two of the Gee’s Bend quilters are suing their agent, accusing him and his sons of cheating them out of thousands of dollars. Many artists in the collective are satisfied with their cut, but was the clash between creator and agent inevitable? Did it have to do with race and class, a white art dealer working with once-poor black artists? Or are the only important colors here the red people see over their share of the green?
• Handmade Alabama Quilts Find Fame and Controversy [New York Times]

Big trouble in little Huntsville: Wyatt Russell, the son of actors Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, will play for the University of Alabama-Huntsville. Football? Baseball? Basketball? Try hockey. The team found itself in the unlikely fantasy of playing in this year’s NCAA Frozen Four against Notre Dame. Wyatt Russell plays goalie and stands tall at 6-foot-1, though we thought he’d be taller …
• Russell-Hawn son to play hockey for Alabama-Huntsville [Associated Press]

When Yankees attack: Dear Journal, There’s more to Alabama barbecue (or Q, as you cute-ify) than ribs. While we love our Dreamland and Miss Myra’s, it’s just like a carpetbagger to swoop in and completely overlook the wonders of the humble chopped (not sliced) pork sandwich. Love, Dixie. P.S. White sauce is the devil.
• Where Ribs Are an Art Form [Wall Street Journal]

Nice day for a white wedding: And finally, our pal Kyle spins the tale of the VJ and the screenwriter. Birmingham’s Alan Hunter remarried last week to “a petite gal from the North.” That would be Elizabeth Bradley, a transplant from Hunter’s old stomping grounds, New York. Following the ceremony at downtown’s First United Methodist, they played bocce on the Kress rooftop, and no, that’s not a euphemism.
• Elizabeth Bradley and Alan Hunter [New York Times]


  • Water Works sold back to city after running completely dry
  • Tax holiday expected to spur back-to-school sales, Liquid Paper sniffing epidemic
  • Next scheme: robot racing and hobo tossing

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