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Alabama on ‘Survivor’: Work shall make you free


‘Survivor: Tocantins,’ episode 2 recap


Wade on Birmingham - Survivor Tocantins

Two hours in, and we still can’t tell the pretty boys apart. Such is the hazard of watching “Survivor: Tocantins.”

One pretty boy, our man James Thomas Jr. of Samson, has seduced another. Meanwhile, Debra Beebe of Auburn stumbles upon the Hidden Immunity Idol. Sort of.

And hard work pays off for one contestant … with a torch snuffing. Who worked hard, and what hardly worked? Find out, after the jump …

Debra Beebe and James Thomas Jr. - Survivor Tocantins

Cast away: We forgot last week, but here are
Alabama’s Debbie and J.T. from the opening credits.

Rustling up some grubs: Jalapao is jala-hungry! They knock over a termite mound for some instant fresh protein. J.T. bites into one, head first, while a few tribe members join him.

James Thomas Jr. - Survivor Tocantins

Bugging out: J.T. bites a termite.

Later, he and Stephen, the corporate consultant from New York, go fishing. Stephen originally said J.T. would be the least likely new buddy, given their divergent backgrounds: Mobile cattle rancher vs. Yankee putz.

And yet, bromance!

James Thomas Jr. and Stephen - Survivor Tocantins

Bros before Jalapaos: J.T., left, and Stephen become fishing buddies.

“He just might be seducing me with his pretty country ways,” Stephen gushes, “but I’m smitten.”

“We get along really well,” J.T. says. “We have a good friendship.”

Stephen points out that J.T. has emerged as the Jalapao leader. Uh oh …

Sierra, Debra Beebe, Brandon and the fire pit - Survivor Tocantins

Sandcastles in the sand: Sierra and Brandon tell Debbie
they’re digging a fire pit when they’re actually
hunting for the Hidden Immunity Idol.

Pit happens: Sierra, the scrawny model outcast of the Timbira tribe, finally takes the time to go on the Hidden Immunity Idol hunt. She skipped it last time when she built the shelter for her tribe as they hiked for four hours.

She recruits Brendan, the only one to not vote against her, to help dig up the beach. They find the second clue which leads them to another spot on the sand. Brendan digs a big hole, only to be discovered by Debbie. Sierra lies, saying they’re building a massive fire pit.

“This is so cool,” Debbie says. “We can pretend we’re at the beach somewhere.” Er, as opposed to the beach you’re standing on.

Taj - Survivor TocantinsRemember the Titan: Taj accidentally reveals that she’s married to Tennessee Titan and Super Bowl champ Eddie George. Oops.

J.T. says, “She’s probably got a lot more money than I do. I hate to judge anybody by how much money they have, but I know I definitely need the million dollars more than Taj does.”

Immunity challenge: Tribes compete in 3-on-3 basketball in the river. Dribbling, nay. Tackling, yes. And sadly, no reward challenge. Grrr.

First tribe to score 3 points wins:

  • immunity
  • fishing gear
  • right to send opposing tribe member to Exile Island.

Also, host Jeff Probst has a note with a twist to be read after the challenge.

Oh, and it’s raining.

James Thomas Jr. and Jerry - Survivor Tocantins

Basket case: J.T. fakes out Jerry and makes a successful shot.

While Debbie sits out for Timbira to even out the numbers, J.T. manages to score a point for Jalapao. In the end, Jalapao wins 3-2.

Jalapao chooses Brendan to go to Exile Island. Jeff reads the Note of Doom, which says that the exiled player must pick a member of the winning tribe to go with him to Exile. He picks Taj.

Exile Island - Survivor Tocantins

No sand is an Island: a first look at Exile “Island.”

At Exile Island, which is really just a high sandy area, the two find rice, along with two jars to pick from. Taj’s jar is empty, while Brendan’s jar has two secret notes. The first is a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. The second says he can stick with his tribe, Timbira (which is going to vote out someone), or jump to Jalapao. For him, it’s no contest, as he sticks with his Timbira.

He does share the clue with Taj, as they realize two Hidden Immunity Idols are out there, one at each camp. Does he have a jump on Sierra, who already shared the first couple of clues?

Voted out: At Timbira, the obvious choice is Sierra, which means she’s safe. Candace has clashed with Coach, suggesting he be sent home. Debbie fills him in, and he likens Candace to a cancer on the tribe.

The issue of trust comes up at Tribal Council. Debbie says, “We are out there surviving together. I’ve already built trust with several people on this tribe.”

With a second landslide vote, 7-1, Candace is out (Sierra picked up the stray vote). A second blindside! Meanwhile, Debbie is safe.

Candace - Survivor Tocantins

Second to go: Candace booted from Timbira 7-1

Candace complains in her final confessional that she worked hard in challenges and at camp. Yeah, because it’s all about merit.

Is Timbira better off with Coach and Sierra? Is Debbie plugged into the right members of the tribe?

[Video and photos to be added.]

“Survivor: Tocantins – The Brazilian Highlands ” airs at 7 p.m. Thursdays on CBS 42.

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  1. Jen
    Friday, February 20, 2009, 6:31 pm

    I heart JT. I had just presumed Sandy was the female Alabamian until I got to the recaps (forgot about Principal Floozy McBoobs there).

  2. Wade
    Saturday, February 21, 2009, 11:39 am

    Gah, I’m gonna have Sandy nightmares for weeks.

    Easy to forget Debbie when she’s had zero confessionals to date.

  3. Jen
    Saturday, February 21, 2009, 2:51 pm

    I liked Sandy better than Carolina or whatever her name was.

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