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Alabama on ‘Survivor’: Tooth or consequences


‘Survivor: Tocantins,’ episode 5 recap


Wade on Birmingham - Survivor Tocantins

Tears of joy. Shouts of anger. Has Jalapao returned to glory on “Survivor,” or is it losing momentum?

James Thomas Jr. of Samson appears to be calling the shots at Jalapao, but will that burn him? Debra Beebe of Auburn strategizes … with Coach?!

Who lost her temper, and who lost his tooth? Find out, after the jump …

Stephen and Taj - Survivor Tocantins

Token prize: Stephen, left, and Taj find the Hidden Immunity Idol.

Brazilian idol: So Taj and Stephen go on a Hidden Immunity Idol hunt at Jalapao, tracking it down in about 3 seconds flat. Stephen hides it in is pocket and confesses that if he can hang on to it, he will. Sneaky sneaky.

That’s the first half of the hidden immunity alliance. Over at Timbira, the other half checks in, as Brendan brings Sierra up to speed, admitting he has already found the second Hidden Immunity Idol. Sierra says, “We’re going to take over the whole world.” Spoken like a true Bond villain.

Debra Beebe - Survivor Tocantins

Dizzy up the girl: Debbie goes for a spin,
then tries the balance beam.

Reward challenge: Team members race one-on-one across balance beams after being spun silly. First tribe to win three heats wins coffee, pastries, toilet paper and temporary access to a toilet. Seriously.

As with many of the challenges this season, it comes down to the final heat. Debbie takes an early lead for Timbira, only to beaten by Jalapao’s Sydney (who had to race back after stepping off the balance beam).

Jalapao wins reward, picking Brendan (again) from Timbira for Exile Island, who in turn picks Stephen from Jalapao. Tyson at Timbira becomes suspicious.

The remaining Jalapaos enjoy a sweet feast; thankfully, we don’t have to witness any celebratory trips to the outhouse. J.T. spots a bonus prize: letters from home!

It’s only been 13 days, but whatev: Homesick is homesick. Much crying ensues. Poor Stephen, missing out on all the goodies.

James Thomas Jr. - Survivor Tocantins

Dear James: J.T. enjoys the reward, letters from home.

J.T. receives notes from all his nieces, and admits, “My mom has only told me she loves me three times in my whole life.” Wow.

Meanwhile, elsewhere: At Timbira, Tyson voices his suspicion, telling Debbie and Coach that Brendan is building relationships with Jalapao while at Exile. They decide Brendan is next to go, and Debbie tells Coach to keep it from Sierra.

At Exile Island, Brendan and Stephen discuss the hidden immunity alliance, but Stephen remains somewhat wary.

Not that there’s anything wrong with it: At Jalapao, Sydney blathers about her boyfriend and asks Spencer if any of the “Survivor” girls have caught his eye. Hel-lo! Spencer is young, gay and clueless. He should’ve given Sydney the compliment she was fishing for, at the very least.

He outs himself … to the confession cam. But not to his teammates, pegging J.T. as the intolerant Southern guy. What is this, “The Real World” season 3?

(And who is Spencer currently seeing? Todd Herzog, the winner of “Survivor: China” in 2007.)

Immunity challenge: Team members use a large slingshot to hurl balls across a field. Four members from each team attempt to catch them with poles with net baskets. Five points wins.

James Thomas Jr. - Survivor Tocantins

Them’s the breaks: J.T. scores a point, but breaks his tooth.

J.T. singlehandedly puts four points on the board for Jalapao, even breaking off half a tooth after the third point. Does he stop? No, he tosses the tooth to the ground. Host Jeff Probst hunts for it, and holds onto it. The game continues.

Even with Jalapao up 4-2, the lead evaporates as Timbira’s Brendan and Tyson catch up. Tyson makes the final grab, and Timbira wins immunity 5-4. Jeff tells Jalapao, “The only thing I have for you is your tooth,” handing it back to J.T.


James Thomas Jr. and Spencer - Survivor Tocantins

Still waters: Spencer, left, and J.T. discuss the vote.

Voted out: Taj, in explaining to her fellow Jalapaos not to let emotion get in the way of their decision, becomes emotional. Downright angry. Or as she calls it, “getting hot.” She thinks she may be a target.

Spencer thinks J.T. is targeting him after the last challenge. He asks him in front of other tribe members who’s on the chopping block, to which J.T. replies bluntly, “I think you or Taj.” Not smart, J.T.

At Tribal Council, it sounds like Taj is a tad paranoid, but says outright she doesn’t have the idol. It matters not.

Spencer is voted out in the fourth landslide this season, 5-1. J.T. is safe.

Spencer - Survivor Tocantins

Fifth out: Spencer, by a vote of 5-1.

Is Jalapao even aware of Taj may be up to something? Is she really a tribal outcast?

[Video and photos to be added.]

“Survivor: Tocantins – The Brazilian Highlands ” airs at 7 p.m. Thursdays on on CBS 42.

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