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Movie review: ‘Official Rejection’

By Jennifer West

Review at a glance: The documentary “Official Rejection” tells the funny meta-tale of getting a movie into a festival.

Official Rejection

A publicity still for “Official Rejection.”

You made your first film. And it is pretty amazing, if you say so yourself. Now you’re ready for the big time, Sundance, where your film will obviously be accepted.

Wade on Birmingham - Sidewalk Moving Picture FestivalBig fat rejection! What?!

You then move on to a slew of smaller festivals, and you get into a handful … if you are lucky.

Does this officially mean your movie is bad?

The documentary “Official Rejection,” directed by Paul Osborne, is an intimate look at another film’s journey (“Ten ’Til Noon”) through the complicated and expensive film festival circuit.

The film screens Saturday at the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival.

Not all good films are created equal, and not all good films get the attention they deserve in the film festival circuit. However, lots of bad movies circulate out there (and lots of filmmakers in serious denial of that fact).

If learning the ins and outs of the film festival circuit is interesting to you, then you will find “Official Rejection” very educational, funny and entertaining.

Jennifer WestJennifer West (@juniperlou) won the Sidewalk Audience Choice award for her romantic comedy “Piece of Cake” in 2006, which she wrote and directed. She’s working on a feature-length screenplay and blogging about it on JuniperLou.

“Official Rejection” will screen at 1:30 p.m. Saturday at the Carver Theatre.

Video: Trailer for “Official Rejection”


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