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Wade on May 2009


A look back at all things and people and events 2009 …

Video: Samson native James “J.T.” Thomas Jr.
wins “Survivor: Tocantins.”

May 6 | A look at two scourges hitting Alabama hard: lost jobs and swine flu. U.S. Steel began a temporary shutdown of its 2,000-worker Fairfield plant that has lasted till now. And swine flu has spread statewide.

May 17 | How does scoring a 39-day trip to Brazil and $1.1 million in cash sound? Cattle rancher James “J.T.” Thomas Jr. of Samson did it in the 18th season of “Survivor.” More below in “Survivor” at a glance.

May 21 | I finally gained proof that I have a face made for radio, as I talk blogging on WBHM (90.3 FM). It was one of many broadcast interviews I did in 2009.

“Survivor” at a glance | May 7: Family visits; is Debbie done for? … May 8: Debbie talks about her experiences after finishing sixth … May 14: J.T. makes a play for the final four … May 17: The crazy 3-hour finale live blog … May 18: How J.T. became a millionaire in 39 days.

See all of our May coverage.

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Haiku flashback

streetlights (May 28)

The little town street
fills with ghosts of laughter. A
shimmer lights our way.

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365 days of Birmingham’s best and worst: Wade on 2009

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