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Birmingham picked by Jetsetter, sort of


Kelly Ingram Park

Kelly Ingram Park

The New Year’s Day “Today” featured travel picks for 2013, made by Jetsetter.com, a travel booking site. Birmingham made the list, along with Miami, Pittsburgh, Croatia, Nicaragua and Marseille, France.

Video: “Today” features Jetsetter.com picks for 2013,
including Birmingham. (See full segment.)

Editor Kate Maxwell mentioned Birmingham’s 50th anniversary of the 1963 civil rights movement events, along with the affordability of local hotels.

Sadly, if you visit Jetsetter.com and search for “Birmingham,” you get … nothing. Pittsburgh (“The Birmingham of the North”) also turns up nothing on the site.

Jetsetter - Birmingham

Searching for Birmingham on Jetsetter

When asked about this oversight, Maxwell said by email, “We’re always looking for new destinations for Jetsetter and hope to add some properties down South in the near future — Birmingham is definitely on our radar.”

So when booking your vacation in Birmingham, listen to Jetsetter.com, but don’t use Jetsetter.com?!

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