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Opening from the Comedy Central show “Hart of the City” visiting Birmingham. From Timothy Daniel.

At the Birmingham Botanical Gardens’ Spring Plant Sale in April. From Alabama NewsCenter.

A proposal at the Railroad Park ice rink. From Lance Piri.

Ashley Sankey performs “Into You” in April at the Ensley Entertainment Live Loft (our vertical video of the week). From Ashley Sankey.

The VH1 Save the Music Foundation visits the fifth grade band at Robinson Elementary in South East Lake. The nonprofit organization helped start the group in 2009, coming back in February to check in. From VH1 Save the Music.

Bringing church to Linn Park downtown. From Torrence Sims.

Basketball phenom in the making (our other vertical video of the week). From Ural Mitchell.

Singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile performs in April at the Lyric Theatre downtown. From Russell Simmons.

Atlanta’s DJ Roger in April at the Syndicate Lounge on Southside. From Majik City Myke B.

Listening to Christian station WGIB (91.9 FM) in Glen Iris. From Local and DX Radio.

Stunts at February’s Victory Athletics cheerleading competition at Legacy Arena downtown. From Victory Athletics Spirit.

Columbus, Ohio, rock band Starset performs “Satellite” before showtime in May at WorkPlay in Lakeview. From DTenacity.

Drone footage of Thomas Jefferson Tower’s zeppelin mooring mast downtown. From Steve Dunlap.

A performance at Moonlight in the Mountain in Hoover. From Wonky Tonk.

Fantasia performs in March at Legacy Arena downtown (our other other vertical video of the week). From Dennis Slaughter.

Driving around UAB, Southside and downtown. From DixieLand Visual Creations.

Shooting photos for prom downtown. From Stanley Parrish Jr.

Promo for Koch Aesthetic Dentistry in Highland Park. From DentalCMO.

Testimonial for Environmental Litigation Group in Five Points South. From Environmental Litigation Group P.C.

And a commercial in Spanish. From Environmental Litigation Group PC.

The action from Disc Golf Birmingham Spring League in March at George Ward Park in Glen Iris. From Disc Golf Vlog.

PSA for Black History Month on the four girls killed in the 1963 bombing of Sixteenth Street Baptist Church. From WDCW News.

Gov. Bentley speaks at the 2017 PARCA luncheon in January at the Wynfrey Hotel in Hoover. From Robert Bentley.

A trip to Funk Fest earlier this month at Legion Field. From Jess Doing It.

Hoover Realtor Carrie Richardson on pre-qualifying for a mortgage. From Carrie Richardson.

A dance of praise (our other other other vertical video of the week). From Phylese Fields.

Reading and discussing Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter From Birmingham Jail.” From Joseph Shelton Hall.

Promo for Southlake Orthopaedics in Hoover. From Starnes Publishing.

Part one of WIAT-42’s special report, “Local War on Cancer.” From WIAT-42.

ACE of Birmingham Chickasaws compete in January’s Big Bid Championship at the BJCC East Exhibition Hall. From Krystale Lanier.

Promo for the Alabama Residential Conference and Expo, held earlier this month at the Club. From Alabama Center for Real Estate.

Taking off from Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport. From Airlinepilot13.

Another takeoff (our other other other other vertical video of the week). From Carlos Melendez.

And a landing. From Unique Documentary.

Scenes from across the city. From Lorenzo March.

Demo reel for production coordinator Cole Conci. From Cole Conci.

The story of Zaidan, his congenital heart defect and the American Heart Association; plus, the Birmingham Heart Walk on June 24 at Uptown. From Danielle Deavours.

A look at Slice in Lakeview. From the Holtlt.

Leaving town on Amtrak. From Jimwoodward1212.

WIAT-42 talks with my pal Karim Shamsi-Basha in January about his family in Syria and pending travel restrictions. From WIAT-42.

A look at UAB’s new Women’s Heart Health Clinic. From UAB News.

Relaxing at the hotel (our other other other other other vertical video of the week). From Aisleona Polk.

Train in Alabaster. From Free Brick Productions.

Security camera footage of a shooting earlier this month at the M&N convenience store in Germania Park. Birmingham Police arrested Brandon Torrey and charged him with attempted murder, shooting into an occupied building and firearm charges. (Our other other other other other other other vertical video of the week.) From al.com.

Drone footage of Regions Field and the City Federal building downtown. From Drew Taylor Top Birmingham Realtor.

Jonathan Mednick of Birmingham’s REITrader.com on the local real estate market. From Alabama Real Estate Investor Association.

Singer-songwriter Lauryn Hill performs “Killing Me Softly” in April at Iron City on Southside (our other other other other other other other vertical video of the week). From Julie-Anne D.

Riding the elevator at the BJCC 22nd Street parking deck downtown. From Elevatorman247 Productions.

Fairfield’s Stephanie Hardy performs “God Provides” in April at the Magic City Rising Stars talent show at Boutwell Auditorium downtown. From Stephanie Hardy.

Homewood rock band Lasting Impressions performs at the Nick on Southside. From Brian Hardie.

Dancing at the rodeo (our other other other other other other other other vertical video of the week). From Super Rige.

Let’s Play session from Edgewater YouTube gamer KanameX12 on “Resident Evil 5.” From KanameX12.

Exploring Moss Rock Preserve in Hoover. From Caleb Person.

Birmingham rapper Q Dot Davis performs “They Thirsty” in Five Points South. From Q Dot Davis.

The 2006 SWAC Football Championship at Legion Field, featuring Alabama A&M vs. Arkansas–Pine Bluff. From Alex Hines.

Highlights from the 1961 Iron Bowl at Legion Field, featured on “The Bear Bryant Show.” From Bama Rewind.

Japanese pop-punk band Shonen Knife performs in May at the Syndicate Lounge on Southside. From Jjshowzz Hoover.

Birmingham pop-rock band the Primitons perform at the 1985 grand opening of Wuxtry record store downtown. From Clairvoyant Pizza.

Atlanta rapper Rich Homie Quan on WBHJ (95.7 FM Jamz). (Our other other other other other other other other other vertical video of the week.) From Watch Me TV Watch Me.

Animation sample from Prodigi Studio downtown. From Caresse Haaser.

Drone footage of Cathedral of St. Paul downtown. From Tim McGhee.

The 2008 Mercedes Marathon. From Outlaw Films.

Carey Fountain and Kakashii perform in February at the Syndicate Lounge on Southside. From DoReMe Movement.

April feature on Birmingham Pedal Tours. From WVTM-13 News.

Madisonville, Tenn., Americana singer EmiSunshine performs “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in April at Moonlight on the Mountain in Hoover. From James Young.

Amtrak train passing through Irondale (our other other other other other other other other other other vertical video of the week). From Darius Williams.

Reviewing Milo’s Famous Sweet Tea. From Owens Dill.

Commercial for the Birmingham Hammers. From Burton Advertising.

Wilkes-Barre rock band Breaking Benjamin performs “Evil Angel” in May at Iron City on Southside (our other other other other other other other other other other other vertical video of the week). From Stephanie Amber.

Preaching in April in Five Points South. From Walkabout Jesus.

Hiking Ruffner Mountain on Earth Day. From Katelyn Boisvert.

French heavy metal band Gojira performs “L’Enfant Sauvage” in May at Iron City on Southside. From Phos4us Redeemer.

Horror movie “Remember Me,” filmed in Birmingham. From Hunter Grantland.

Scenes from April’s March for Science downtown. From Birmingham March for Science.

Dothan’s Northview vs. Huffman in the 1985 6A state high school football championship game at Legion Field. From Lee Kalamazoo.

NerdsVillage at April’s Sports and Entertainment Industry Symposium at the Alabama Workforce Training Center on Southside. From Tahiera Monique Brown.

The backstretch during April IndyCar race at Barber Motorsports Park in Leeds. From Ryan Watson.

Drone footage of Greystone Golf and Country Club in Hoover promoting last weekend’s Regions Tradition. From Regions Bank.

April thunderstorm warning for the Birmingham area. From AL Storm Alert.

Men of Praise perform at Mt. Zion Community Church in Evergreen (our final vertical video of the week). From Psychiatry22.

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