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Heading to Fairfield while fighting the GPS. From Life as a Trucker.

Trucker leaving Fairfield for a delivery in Georgetown, Texas. From Life as a Trucker.

Promo for the 2017 Alabama Music Awards on July 30 at the BJCC Theatre downtown (our vertical video of the week). From Ladyflame 11.

Strong winds and torrential rain outside the Thomas Jefferson Tower downtown (our other vertical video of the week). From Jack Ross.

Philadelphia rapper Lil Uzi Vert performs in May at Iron City on Southside. From Rami Qassab.

Promo video for admitted students to Samford University. From Samford Admission.

A 1997 commercial for Birmingham-based Books-a-Million. From Analog Memories.

A review of “African Tales” at Birmingham Children’s Theatre. From RentMonster.

At Barber Motorsports Park in Leeds (our other other vertical video of the week). From Madhu Belur.

Testimonial from Alima Deneke for List Birmingham real estate agency in Homewood. From Starnes Publishing.

East Alabama party band Alabama Avenue performs “Hallelujah, Amen” in May at Superior Grill on U.S. 280. From Alabama Avenue.

Highlights from the Peterbilt-PacLease Customer Event at Barber Motorsports Park in Leeds. From PacLease.

Gregg Allman performs “Queen of Hearts” in 2016 at Iron City on Southside. From Natural Music.

Sports commentator Paul Finebaum reflects on Regions Tradition, Nick Saban, SEC Media Days and leaving Birmingham in May at Greystone Golf and Country Club in Hoover. From Alabama NewsCenter.

Boston performs in May at the BJCC Concert Hall downtown. From Michael Brooks.

Scranton, Pa., metalcore band Motionless in White performs in May at Iron City. From Horror Queen.

Coming to Pelham for a family wedding in May. From Ty Nicholson.

Driving west on I-20/59. From Daryll Stillwell.

Drone footage of the Statue of Liberty at Liberty Park in Vestavia Hills. From Michael Schweiger.

A work meeting at Frankly Speaking Communications in Birmingham. From Donna Francavilla.

Visiting Sloss Furnaces (our other other other vertical video of the week). From Anthony Tidwell.

Drone footage of Walden Farms in Helena. From Colby Shaw.

Titans Select vs. Birmingham Blue Devils in Atlanta. From the Swaff32.

Drone footage of Mountain Brook Plaza on U.S. 280. From Brooks Corr.

Commercial for CommuteSmart program. From Six Foot Five Productions.

Promotional video for Robins and Morton construction company in Homewood. From Robins and Morton.

Florida pop-rock band Mayday Parade performs in May at Iron City on Southside. From Rick Jackson.

Mountain biking at Oak Mountain State Park. From Stephen Dillon.

Birmingham starting pitcher Michael Kopech earns his eighth strikeout of the game against the Tennessee Smokies in May in Knoxville. From Minor League Baseball.

Birmingham’s Ronald Bueno nails a two-run homer against Mobile BayBears in May at Regions Field. From Minor League Baseball.

Scenes from the March for Life Rally in January in Five Points South. From Dominic Zaidan.

Promo for OB/GYN and midwifery services at Simon-Williamson Clinic at Princeton Baptist Medical Center in Arlington-West End. From Telegraph Creative.

Electric car charging station at Uptown (our other other other other vertical video of the week). From Joseph Wolf.

Demo reel for Minneapolis dancer Scott Stafford includes “Type ‘A’ Romance” [at 4:03] with Stuart Pimsler Dance and Theater in 2016 at Alys Stephens Center. From Scott Stafford.

Birmingham ad agency Intermark Group’s highlight reel for the Alabama Tourism Department. From Intermark Group.

Time-lapse footage of the Mugshots burger challenge (our other other other other other vertical video of the week). From Ethan Teske.

Drone footage of Heardmont Park on Alabama 119. From Tyrell3000.

May’s groundbreaking ceremony for the Kiwanis Centennial Park at Vulcan Park. From Starnes Publishing.

The Top Three finishers in action, Harley Clifford, Mike Dowdy and Cory Teunissen, at the 2017 Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour in May at Oak Mountain State Park. From WakeWorld.

Interview with Gaiter. From Yung Playa Entertainment.

Visiting the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame downtown and the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum in Calera. From Luvinthe Jazz.

Time-lapse footage of the track at Barber Motorsports Park in Leeds. From Matt Dudley.

Lego play time at the library (our other other other other other other vertical video of the week). From Gp Pet.

Birmingham New Age artist Sean Mac performs in March at Tin Roof in Lakeview. From Sean Mac.

Water feature on the rocks (our other other other other other other other vertical video of the week). From Jay Burnham.

Kurt Breshears performs “Spinning Tops” during April’s National Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art and Practice at Sloss Furnaces. From Jesse Blumenthal.

Talking with chefs Matt Ralph and Ryan Champion of Hotbox in Avondale. From Order Up!

Interview with Nashville country singer-songwriter Nikki Lane in February. From Big Communications.

Music video for “Unstoppable Unremarkable” by Birmingham band Nowhere Squares. From Nowhere Squares.

Highlights from the Ignite awards ceremony for volunteer service, held by Hands on Birmingham in April at the Club. From About Town.

Author George Saunders discusses “Lincoln in the Bardo” on Alabama Public Television’s “Bookmark,” filmed in February at the Alabama Booksmith in Homewood. From Bookmark with Don Noble.

Kevin McGee, CEO and founder of Avid Entrepreneurship in Atlanta, gives the keynote address at the Student National Pharmaceutical Association conference in March at the Birmingham Marriott. From Andramada Productions.

Visiting Birmingham for a family graduation. From Rednecks Gone Wild.

Drone footage of IPG Photonics’ new Birmingham headquarters in Sand Ridge. From Elevated Vue.

Portland indie folk band Blind Pilot performs “Bitter End” in February at Saturn in Avondale. From Jessica Kingery.

Hanging out on the UAB campus, at Railroad Park and Five Points South. From Sileno.

Birmingham Christian pop singer Amber Roper performs “Beautiful Scars” at March’s Women Hat Tea at Faith Chapel. From Amber Roper.

Christina Dorn of Gadsden’s Grace Episcopal Church talks about “Digital Tools for Social Media Evangelism and Christian Formation” at the One Conference in May at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Vestavia Hills. From Episcopal Diocese of Alabama.

Springtime scenes from Railroad Park downtown. From Hong Duy.

Washington post-hardcore band Karp performs in 1996 at American Beat Records in Glen Iris. From Mike Ziegler.

At the Community of Readers Kwanzaa Workshop in December at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute downtown. From Alabama NewsCenter.

Atlanta heavy metal band Mastodon performs in April at Iron City (our other other other other other other other other vertical video of the week). From Jay Burnham.

Maleah Tay, senior at the Alabama School of Fine Arts, discussing her work exhibited at the Birmingham Museum of Art. From Open Art Studio of Cynthia Parsons.

Highlights from Court XIV basketball camp in March at Thompson High School in Alabaster. From Live Prep Nation.

Charlotte country artist Unknown Hinson performs “Your Man Is Gay” in May at Zydeco on Southside (our other other other other other other other other other vertical video of the week). From Benny Sprokits.

The Carroll High Jazz Band from Ozark performs “Out of the Doghouse” at April’s Student Jazz Band Festival at the Carver Theatre downtown. From Carroll Band “Pride of the Wiregrass.”

Brian Trippe on the Birmingham real estate market. From Alabama Real Estate Investor Association.

Virginia Tech vs. Alabama in 1968 at Legion Field. From Bama Rewind.

Visiting Birmingham for a wedding. From Boss Parents.

Birmingham jazz band the Other Day performs “Go in Peace” in March at Good People Brewing Company downtown (our other other other other other other other other other other vertical video of the week). From the Other Day.

Testimonial by Amie Beth Shaver, Miss Alabama 1994, for Vestavia Hills orthodontist David Sarver. From VisionTrust.

Matthew Whittaker, director of market development for GKHouses property management in Homewood, on the Blueprint Podcast with David Lamb. From Ted Putman.

Drone footage of the Greystone subdivision in Hoover. From Drdavid60.

The UAB Choir performs in May at the Dorpshuis de Ruimte in Hummelo, Netherlands. From John Westdijk.

Eutaw blues musician Clarence “Bluesman” Davis performs as part of A Tribute to “Birmingham” George Conner in April at Henderson’s Lounge in Midfield. From Gottfried Kibelka.

Hanging out at the Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama in April at Barber Motorsports Park in Leeds. From Robert Davis.

Leticia Ramirez Sanchez of Pinson asks for help in having her husband Antonio Sanchez released from ICE detainment. (He was released sometime after this video appeared in April.) From Marco Loera.

Moving into a new apartment at the Venue at the Ballpark downtown. From Briauna Ashley.

Driving through Fairfield, Ensley, Wylam and Pleasant Grove. From Car Wash Channel.

Touring First Baptist Church Birmingham in Homewood with senior pastor Jim Cooley. From First Baptist Church Birmingham.

On the CB with 108 Birmingham. From 40 Caliber Radios.

Kidnapping victim Brittany Diggs escapes from her car trunk in March at a gas station in the Central Park neighborhood. From Inside Edition.

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