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The Birmingham channel: The parking lot chronicles


A look at Birmingham in videos …

Reviewing the Sheraton Birmingham downtown. From Kim Townsel.

Driving on I-65 by the cross at Gardendale First Baptist Church. From Steven Jennings.

Listening to WUHT Hot 107.7 FM. From Local and DX Radio.

Saturday morning Cars and Coffee in September at Hoover Tactical Firearms. From Project Lightning.

Stobe the Hobo rides the rails from Jacksonville to Birmingham and visits Kelly Ingram Park downtown. From Hobestobe.

Hanging out at Wildwood North. From Kazuko205.

A look at the Birmingham Housing Summit at UAB’s National Alumni Society House. From Alabama NewsCenter.

Nashville country singer Chris Stapleton performs in September at Oak Mountain Amphitheatre. From Josh Allison.

Chris Stapleton performs “Nobody to Blame.” From Pixel Films.

Installing insulation in a house (our vertical video of the week). From Rid-a-Critter Inc.

Time-lapse footage of a class on 3D printing at Red Mountain Makers in Woodlawn. From Red Mountain Makers.

Andrew Pearson Jr. of Cathedral Church of the Advent downtown conducts leadership training. From Charles Gaston.

Drone footage of Avondale. From Sam Mitchell.

Birmingham promo video from Condé Nast Traveler for the Alabama Tourism Department. From Matt Lyons.

Tulsa pop-rock band Hanson performs “On and On” in September at Iron City on Southside. From Jessica Kingery.

Meanwhile at Hobby Lobby … (our other vertical video of the week). From Large Marge.

Birmingham MMA fighter Eryk Anders. From George Miller.

Arriving at the downtown bus station. From Frugal Travel Guru.

A look at the 30th annual Noojin and White Race to the Courthouse in September. From Telegraph Creative.

A look at Tin Roof in Lakeview. From WellDunn Entertainment.

Freestylin’ in the front seat (our other other vertical video of the week). From Tony Montez.

Staffers from uniform news site Uniswag go behind the scenes at UAB (our other other other vertical video of the week). From UNISWAG.

James Grymes, author of “Violins of Hope,” promotes the April exhibit of the same name. From Alabama NewsCenter.

Preaching at the Five Points South fountain. From Yahawashi Is Coming Back!

Birmingham singer-songwriter Raquel Lily reveals why she loves this city. From Raquel Lily.

Ten hours of a mostly empty parking lot. From Graham and Company.

Discussing youth homelessness. From Bagsly.

Birmingham city council member Lashunda Scales on the Birmingham Water Works. From Jefferson C. Outcast I.

Intro to sermon series Common Thread. From Daveo Video.

Recap of the fourth weekend of high school football in September at Oak Mountain’s stadium. From Starnes Publishing.

Preview of the fifth weekend of high school football. From Starnes Publishing.

Kortney discusses his time with the Birmingham Violence Reduction Initiative. From Birmingham Violence Reduction Initiative.

Austin travel vlogger Renata Pereira visits Roots and Revelry, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and Kelly Ingram Park, Vulcan and more. From Renata Pereira.

Fixing a hole in the roof made by a rat (our final vertical video of the week). From Rid-a-Critter Inc.

Boot camp workout at Homewood Central Park. From F3 Birmingham.

Kickstarter promo video from 2010 for the Desert Island Supply Company in Woodlawn with Chip Brantley. From Kickstarter Videos (Books and Publishing).

Music video for “One Voice” by Oak Mountain seniors as a tribute to classmates Madison McManus and Michael Luu. From Kai Edwards.

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