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Weight and See: Women on top


‘The Biggest Loser: Couples’ recap, episode 15

By Ginny

It’s the last episode of “The Biggest Loser” before the live two-hour finale, and only two spots are guaranteed. Will the boys in blue, including Roger Shultz of Enterprise, earn a chance at the $250,000?

Remember, it’s a singing competition, not a popularity contest, after the jump …

The last supper: With only Roger, Ali, Kelly and Mark remaining, this week’s weigh-in is the most important yet. So is being telegenic, but the players don’t know that yet.

Arriving home from Australia, the final four take that same path across the field that they crossed on Day One, only this time, it’s more of a gentle stroll instead of a struggle to breathe.

The Biggest Loser

Day One.

The Biggest Loser

No giant dandelion this time.

Our hostess Ali meets them to tell them they’ll be doing this final week without their trainers. Keep that in mind.

She also waves in Rocco DiSpirito, who presents each player’s favorite home-cooked meal in one of those ubiquitous silver trays. After offering each a bite, he shows them how to lighten up those dishes for everyday healthy eating.

The culinary transformations amaze and delight.

The Biggest Loser

Roger’s mama makes a pepper steak that contains butter, wine,
cream and the secret ingredient, love, 1,700 calories’ worth.

At least they weren’t birthday suits: For the last challenge, players wear fat suits that approximate their original size and weight. After racing across the beach, they shed them (symbolism!) and run up a hill carrying flags with their name on it. The winner receives $10,000 and the show’s series of prepared, calorie-portioned meals delivered to your door.

They take off like a thunderous herd of snails, with Roger lugging 129 extra pounds through the sand.

The Biggest Loser

‘Wal-la, a fat suit.’

Uber-competitor Mark takes the prize, as usual. And yet, the girls still see Roger as the biggest threat. Nonetheless, they all celebrate finishing the challenge with one of those “pride-on-three” things.

The Biggest Loser

Still not as catchy as ‘Soul Patrol.’

Parole denied: The trainers return. Whatever.

Roger promises trainer Bob that he’s going to lose 15 pounds to set a record. (They’ve been on campus for several weeks longer than past seasons, but who’s counting?)

After more bonding with the trainers (including Mark breaking down behind a tree), Bob and Jillian show their team members video montages of their journeys. They’re very moving, and everyone cries (duh).

The Biggest Loser

Roger has lost the most weight on campus
of any contestant in show history.

The weigh-in: Beatings ensue at the last last-chance workouts. But they’re nothing like the weigh-in.

Roger sets a new weight-loss record, losing the 15 pounds he predicted … and still gets beaten by both women.

After Mark and Roger land in the bottom two, hostess Ali reveals the final twist: America will decide which man completes the final three. Kelly and Ali’s plans to take Mark to the end thwarted!

The real question is, did Roger’s fans outvote those of Ali, Kelly, Mark and his brother Jay? Also, with only four weeks of at-home play to go, isn’t Mark (who’s lost 40.7 percent) still a bigger threat than Roger (who’s lost 39.7 percent)?

Who did you vote for and why? And who do you think will win the grand prize?

The live two-hour season finale “The Biggest Loser: Couples” airs at 7 p.m. Tuesday on NBC 13. Look for our live recap on Wade on Birmingham.

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