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Weight and See: Hybrid test drive


‘The Biggest Loser: Couples’ recap, episode 14

By Ginny

Previously on “Survivor,” Tyra took the girls to Sydney for shoots and go-sees while fear was not a factor for one player. But which team arrived first at the Pit Stop? Find out this week on “A Baby Story.”

(Even reality shows do mashups, as we see on this week’s “Biggest Loser.” Plus, Enterprise’s Roger Shultz receives his first passport stamp.)

More Franken-reality, after the jump …

Trading spaces: Our remaining five contestants — Mark, Jay, Ali, Kelly and Roger — flew to Sydney, Australia, for a relaxing vacation.

And what better way to kick back than a grueling triathlon followed by a stressful weigh-in?

Recently, I noted that NBC might want to take production notes from other reality shows in how to create a clean, simple narrative with predictable plot points along the way instead of jerking us (and the players) around with off-strategy challenges, twists and rewards.

This week, the producers took my advice … and did the opposite, patching together actual elements into some sort of reality show chimera.

Having sampled in the past from “Top Chef,” “Project Runway” and “Blind Date,” this week “The Biggest Loser” went for broke with its Australia episode.

Let’s play along (answers at bottom):

The Biggest Loser

1. Which show always takes its last few contestants
to a surprise overseas destination?

The Biggest Loser

2. Which show always partners with Travelocity
and the Roaming Gnome?

The Biggest Loser

3. Which show always uses cutaway shots of indigenous wildlife?

The Biggest Loser

4. Which show always treats players
to demonstrations of local rituals?

The Biggest Loser

5. Which show always includes a gross eating challenge?

The Biggest Loser

6. Which show always features daredevil challenges,
often involving heights, water and climbing?

The Biggest Loser

Foreshadowing or red herrings?

The Biggest Loser

Two below, you win the show.

The weigh-in: In other news, the show did change one thing they’ve been known for, which is making it painfully obvious who’s going home.

The whole episode led to an elimination ceremony between Roger and Ali, so I was shocked (shocked!) when it came down to brothers Mark and Jay. Roger lost 2 pounds, dropping to 234 pounds.

Despite all the wailing and gnashing of teeth, it was pretty smart for Jay to offer himself up, and pretty stupid for the players to agree. After all, Mark has the best chance of winning, and he and Jay can split the cashola.

The Biggest Loser

At least Roger has his sexy new briefs.

The Biggest Loser

Is it just me, or are the brothers crying all the way to the bank?

Answer key

1. “America’s Next Top Model”
2. “The Amazing Race”
3. “Survivor”
4. “Survivor”
5. “Fear Factor”
6. “The Amazing Race”

Are Jay and Mark playing everybody? Have you been pulling for the guys or girls?

“The Biggest Loser: Couples” airs at 7 p.m. Tuesdays on NBC 13.

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