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That’s me onstage at the third annual Y’all Connect Presented by Alabama Power. I get to take my blogging skills from the last 10 years and share them with others.

I’m fortunate.

This post is another fortunate gift, as it’s the 5,000th post for Wade on Birmingham. I wrote many of them, and friends and colleagues wrote some of the best ones.

By the numbers …

I haven’t been idle since No. 4,000. I launched my blogging and social media conference. I’ve traveled around the Southeast to talk about communications topics. I was even on the the radio Saturday.

A quick rundown of the state of the blogs …

Wade on Birmingham — Back in December, I wrote my most popular post ever on this site. How popular? First time in 10 years that the surge in traffic crashed the site for a few hours.

Wade Kwon.com — Aside from all of my 60,000 tweets, a few essays when time permits. Plus a surge of year-end activity to compile a few best-of lists.

Birmingham Blogging Academy — Still going strong after 6 years. Thanks to all my clients and readers and fans!

Project Bulk — Completed in 2014, with a super healthy body fat percentage around 15 or 16 percent.

Y’all Connect — As mentioned above, now looking ahead to 2016. Plenty of new videos from this year’s event just hit the site.

To my readers: Thank you for your kindness, your feedback and your critiques! On to the next 5,000 …

(And in October, we’ll officially mark 10 years for this site!)

Wade Kwon is a Birmingham native and publisher of Wade on Birmingham.

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